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The Pavilion of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Artist's Rendering - Jordan Pavilion
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan broke ground on July 2nd for its pavilion. Both Robert Moses, president of the New York World's Fair, and Charles Poletti, vice president of International Affairs and Exhibits for the

exposition, spoke briefly, mentioning the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the 35-ft. column from Jerash which will be featured attractions of the exhibit. His Excellency Abdul Monem Rifa'i, Jordan's Ambassador to the United Nations, received the Fair medallion.

Ground was broken for the Republic of Sudan on June 27th. His Excellency Dr. Osman El-Hadari, Ambassador of Sudan to the United States, and His Excellency Omar Abdel Hamid Adeel, Ambassador of Sudan to the United Nations, spoke briefly with Fair President Robert Moses and former Governor Charles Poletti. The pavilion, Islamic in design, is by Noel and Miller. Rising on a 14,000 sq. ft. site, it will house a small theatre, a specialty shop, and displays of Sudanese products and handicrafts.


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His Majesty King Hussein I

King Hussein I of Jordan

His Majesty King Hussein I of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will visit the Fair in late April, according to word received by Mr. Moses and Governor Poletti. The monarch is expected to tour the grounds and inspect, especially, his country's pavilion.

The pavilion of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a unique architectural undertaking which was designed to depict the ancient Land of Jordan - the cradle of all Western civilization. In Jordan, a country rich in religious background, are found the great shrines of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jericho, and the storied

River Jordan and the Dead Sea.

Throughout the centuries, the art of Christian man has continually strived to represent the glory and the suffering of Christ as He approached Calvary. The stained glass windows of the Jordan Pavilion attempt to convey The Holy Spirit which emanates from the 14 Stations of the Way of the Cross in the Holy City of Jerusalem. The Pavilion's skylights of multicolored many-faceted glass reflect the spirit of light ever present in the Holy Land - the light from above which brings inspiration and direction to man below.

On exhibition in the pavilion will be a collection of Dead Sea Scrolls which were discovered during 1947 in caves on the banks of the Dead Sea. These Scrolls comprise the earliest known manuscripts of the Old Testament. An ancient column brought from the old Jordanian city of Jerash will stand near the pavilion. This column is a gift from His Majesty King Hussein to the World's Fair and the City of New York, and will remain in Flushing Meadow Park after the conclusion of the Fair.


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Fair Protocol Office Prepares for Visiting State Dignitaries

One of the most important functions of the Fair's operating seasons will be the supervision of official Fair ceremonies and the handling of visits by chiefs of state and other prominent governmental, business and community leaders from the United States and abroad. This responsibility rests with the Office of the Chief of Protocol, located in the Fair's Administration Building.

All official Fair invitations will be issued by protocol, which will keep a master guest list, available to all exhibitors. Liaison will be maintained with the U.S. World's Fair Commissioner, the Commissioners General of international pavilions, the managers of state, industrial and transportation exhibits, and officials of the New York City, New York State and Federal governments. Visits by dignitaries will be handled

in conjunction with the Fair host division and respective exhibitor representatives.

Ambassador Richard C. Patterson, Jr. is Chief of Protocol. Serving as Deputy Chief of Protocol is Gates Davison, formerly of the Fair's International Division. Other officers include Roberto deMendoza, Assistant Chief of Protocol and Saeed Kahn, assistant to the Chief of Protocol.

Communications and Public Relations will service news media with all information received from Protocol regarding details of special visits, arrival and departure time, press conferences, speeches, public appearances, official receptions, dinners, banquets and other highlights.

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 The Images of Modern Jordan

JORDAN'S PAVILION, scene of much controversy over a mural on the wall which calls attention to the plight of homeless Palestinian Arabs (which has aroused objections from Israeli groups) features an open hall downstairs with a lunch counter and a stage equipped for live or film showings in the center. There is a seating capacity of 125. Just off the same hall are actual specimens of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The film being shown here on a regular basis is This Is Jordan (produced by United States Productions) showing many of the travel attractions of modern Jordan. Equipment used is a Triangle 16mm continuous projector.
Upstairs, opposite the mural, are continuous slide projectors, operating with individual sound tapes which describe Jordan's expanding economy and increasing number of schools, hospitals, roads and other facilities.
Jordan uses six of these round balls, containing continuous slide projectors and accompanying sound..
Jordan Projectors