World's Fair Information Manual

Julimar Farm
Mr. Terry Lynch
Julimar Farm
New York World's Fair
World's Fair, New York 11380
AR 1-6230
Miss Phyllis Adams
November 6, 1963
Garden...60c Adults
..............25c Children
Block 12; Lot 7
Avenue of Progress
Industrial Area
33.737 sq. ft.
Edward Durell Stone, Sr.
7 East 67th Street
New York 21, New York
Edward Durell Stone, Jr.
Theodore L. Rubsamen

SOURCE: 1965 World's Fair Information Manual


The Julimar Farm pavilion, (a white, airy structure of glass and ground-to-roof shutters), designed by Edward Durell Stone, Sr., gives the effect of floating in a bed of glistening gravel. The contemporary Southern plantation-style building is surrounded by gardens designed by Edward Durell Stone, Jr.

The pavilion is a showcase for the debut of the firm's line of gourmet foods, "bread'n butter gifts," and "packaged gardens." These products include "Tiki" Hawaiian instant coffee; Hawaiian pineapple, Marshall strawberry and apricot jam; various spiced jellies; and such items as Swedish pancake mix, wild-rice pancake mix, and Rik Rak and Almond 'Oro (almond and popcorn candy and English toffee).

The pavilion proper is surrounded by a deck which permits visitors to view all the gardens and decide where to begin the trip through the gardens.

The exhibit has a series of six separate gardens in the general scheme.

The Herb Garden, featuring a Georgetown motif, is designed so that the blind may touch and scent such fine herbs and spices as thyme, sage, garlic, basil and parsley.

The oval English Garden has a broad expanse of lawn and is surrounded by perennials, shrubs and trees. it features a pool and an exotic bird house.

The Renaissance Garden highlights a clipped evergreen hedge and formally laid out garden paths, pools, fountains, trees and shrubs in ornamental shapes, with beds of marble chips edged with boxwood.

A flagstone path leads to the Penthouse and landscaped terrace. Beyond is a 3/4 scale farm with barn, yard and a pair of matched live 32 inch high miniature horses.

A crystal stream flows through the entire exhibit. At one point it leads to a Japanese teahouse with Japanese sculpture, bonsai and flowering shrubs set among boulders, as well as a Japanese formal garden of stone.

In the Polynesian area of the exhibit, the stream becomes a waterfall where flowering plants and large tropical trees are featured.

More than 100 trees and 80,000 plants grow in the exhibit.

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