Walks & Roadways

  Walks and Roadways  
Throughout the Fairgrounds
66,000 linear feet
1842 light standards
Hamel and Langer
652 First Avenue
New York 16, New York
Hamel & Langer - Lighting Designers
Donald Oenslager - Design Consultant
Clarke & Rapuano - Landscape Designers
Syska & Hennessy - Electrical Distribution System
Johnson Electric-Underground Distribution
Broadway Maintenance-Pole & Fixture Installation
Westinghouse Electric-Fixture Manufacturer

Source: Operations Manual - New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation

 Line Drawing

The lighting scheme of the Fair features a special modular type luminaire, embodying standardized cubical units assembled in a variety of forms, and utilizing a new square-panel type fluorescent lamp.

Unique and colorful in design, these street lighting fixtures present a fresh and exciting appearance, contributing their share to the cheerful mood of the Fair.

1842 street lighting standards were installed for Fair use. 961 of them will be removed after the Fair, to be replaced by 531 additional bases, providing a total of 1412 lighting standards for post-Fair use.


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