Gallery of Photographs - Walks & Roadways

Interesting photo showing lights as they curve along a Fair walkway.
SOURCE: © Copyright Bradd Schiffman Collection

The lights don't seem very large from the ground looking up, but their size is deceiving as these pictures show! And they're HEAVY too! World's Fair collector Gary Holmes salvaged this Fair streetlight from the backyard of an area restaurant that was about to go bankrupt. The restaurant had acquired them at one of the Fair's "Going-out-of-Business" sales.
Access to the lamps within was gained by removing screws holding the plates on the top of the light. The triangular shaped base held speaker equipment for the Fair's sound system. Gary's light would make a "+" shape if you looked at it from above. The section he is holding in the picture on the right mounts onto the gray section of the light on the left.
Source: © Gary Holmes Collection

SOURCE: Magazine Electrical Construction and Maintenance, July 1964 - presented courtesy Wayne Bretl Collection

STREET LIGHTING - 1400 of these units illuminate the walks and streets of the Fair. Each cube houses a flourescent panel lamp and has a bottom panel of light-refracting patterned Plexiglass. the cubes' inside panels are also of Plexiglass acrylic plastic in a wide variety of translucent colors and arrangments
SOURCE: Brochure Plexiglass at the Fair

Colored light units were modular so that they could be arranged in many different variations.
SOURCE: World's Fair Promotional Brochure


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