Unisphere Theme Center

  Lighting Unisphere Theme Center  
Main Axis
West end of Promenade
Hamel and Langer
652 First Avenue
New York 16, New York
Clarke and Rapuano, Inc.
830 Third Avenue
New York 22, New York
Lighting Scheme
Hamel & Langer
Hatzel & Buehler

Source: Operations Manual - New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation

 Line Drawing Light Tower
typical of five
The Unisphere, 120-ft in diameter and 135-ft high, is illuminated by a mobile lighting arrangement devisied to resemble the day-night cycle of the globe. The effect is accomplished by special lighting equipment, mounted on five towers surrounding the theme center, at a 200-ft radious. Light movement from east to west, simulates a rotation of the earth and the setting sun. As darkness comes, blue floodlighting enhances the effect. The entire performance is automatically controlled, with sequential operations regulated by synchoronized timers. A total of 35 ellipsoidal projectors and 30 mercury-vapor floodlights are used, with a connected load of 279 kw. The composition presents an enchanting vista from the promenades and walkways in the area.
Line Drawing Distribution of Towers
around Unisphere


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