Sound System Background Music

  Sound System & Background Music  
Selected Areas throughout Fair Grounds
Hamel and Langer
652 First Avenue
New York 16, New York
Hamel & Langer - Luminaires
Belmont Electric Company

Source: Operations Manual - New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation

Low-level high-fidelity sound compositions broadcast in certain areas, provide pleasing background music for the auditory enjoyment of the Fair's visitors.

Loudspeakers installed in street lighting luminaires or other suitable accommodations, at entranceways, along principal promenades, and assembly areas, are a component part of an extensive sound system.

The speakers are especially designed to disperse the sound uniformly in a horizontal pattern of 360 degrees over a relatively large area. With the speakers placed approximately eighty feet apart, the visitors, are in effect, surrounded with pleasurable tunes and melodies.

A total of some 550 speakers are used for the system, each with a power-handling capacity of 25-watts, and frequency range of from 50 to 15,000 cycles per second. Most of the speakers are mounted overhead, in the luminaires, about 21-feet above ground level.