Fountain of the Fairs

  Fountains of the Fairs  
On Main Promenade along major axis
Clarke and Rapuano, Inc.
830 Third Avenue
New York 22, New York
Hamel and Langer
652 First Avenue
New York 16, New York
East Pond: 366 feet by 100 feet
West Pond: 225 feet by 65 feet
D. Fortunato, Inc.-General
Hatzel & Buehler-Electrical
T.F. Mulligan-Mechanical

Source: Operations Manual - New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation

 Line Drawing
The Fountain of the Fairs encompasses both East and West ponds. It has a row of arching water jets on each side, directed inward toward the center of the pool. Except for modifications in the hydraulic system, they will remain as a permanent park feature after the Fair. There is a total of 52 jet streams, which discharge approximately 7,200 gallons of water per minute. Underwater lights in the splash shields illuminate the jets. The arrangement provides a beautiful and interesting feature of the promenade.


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