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FiestaPennsylvaniaPool of Industry / Fountain of the PlanetsHall of EducationEquitable Life Assurance SocietyIBMRheingoldPool of Industry / Fountain of the PlanetsBell SystemTravelers InsuranceBell SystemLawrence Gate Entrance TowerRheingoldJohnson WaxMain Mall / Fountains of the FairsDu PontSeven UpAll States Properties and MacysLunar FountainJohnson WaxTower of LightGeneral ElectridPool of Industry / Fountain of the PlanetsPennsylvaniaMain Mall / Fountain of the FairsRussian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of AmericaBetter Living CenterContinental InsuranceChunky CandyRheingoldScott PaperParker PenClairolGeneral ElectricPool of Industry / Fountain of the PlanetsRussian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of AmericaBoy Scouts of AmericaTiparillo Band PavilionArlington HatTiparillo Band PavilionGeneral CigarAvis Pan-American Gardens / Highway RidesSolar FountainPepsi ColaBetter Living CenterJulimar FarmsSchaeferGeneral Foods Archway No. 4Rodman Gate Entrance TowerBetter Living CenterFirst National City BankAvis Pan-American Gardens / Highway RidesMedo Photo SupplyEastman KodakPepsi ColaGeneral Foods Archway No. 5FiestaFestival of GasGeneral Foods Archway No. 3Du PontSeven UpCoca-ColaAll States Properties and MacysLunar FountainNational Cash RegisterWorld's Fair PavilionSinger BowlArlington HatLunar FountainWorld's Fair PavilionNational Cash RegisterProtestant and Orthodox CenterRCAAmerican ExpressBell SystemTravelers InsuranceFormica1964 Official Souvenir MapSinger BowlMain Gate Entrance TowerHouse of Good TasteHouse of Good TasteUS Post OfficeSimmonsFirst National City BankUS Post OfficeMain Gate Entrance TowerAmerican ExpressRCAGeneral Foods Archway No. 1World of FoodHouse of Good TasteMain Gate Entrance TowerOregonFestival of GasMormon ChurchWorld of FoodHall of EducationPavilion of American InteriorsSimmonsMastro PizzaOregon