World's Fair Information Manual

State of Missouri
Mr. James Beisman
Exhibit Manager
Missouri World's Fair Commission
Missouri Pavilion
World's Fair, New York
AR 1-0440
Mr. Michael Pender
May 18, 1962
Block 41; Lot 1
State Area
55,998 sq. ft.
Kivett & Meyers
1016 Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City 5, Missouri
816 VI 2-8100
Mr. Daniel Schwartzman
12 East 36th Street
New York, New York
LE 2-2375
Displayers, Inc.
635 West 45th Street
New York 19, New York
PL 7-6500
Robert Glenn, Inc.

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

Missouri's glass enclosed pavilion presents the theme "First in Air...First in Space". To emphasize its theme, one of the main exhibits is a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis, the plane in which Charles A. Lindbergh made his historic New York-Paris flight in May 1927. This replica hangs from the ceiling of the pavilion. On display outside the pavilion is a replica of the Mercury capsule Friendship 7. On it is a plaque engraved with the autographs of all of the astronauts. Both the Mercury and the Gemini were built by the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation.

A reproduction of the moon's surface, developed with technical advice from U.S. Aeronautical Chart Bureau experts, is incorporated in an exhibit sponsored by Universal Match Corporation. A 25-foot pylon supports a large "saucer" just above eye-level on which the moon's land contours, ranges, and craters have been accurately reporduced to scale and are identified. As a part of the exhibit, the latest in electrical vending, manufactured by National Vendors, Inc., a subsidiary of UMC, vends World's Fair souvenir match books with colorful Fair scenes. The match books are in ready-to-mail cartons to send to relatives and friends. They also display the new UMC coin and paper currency changer for the convenience of visitors, and two of the building's entrances have UMC American Air Curtains. This unique device substitutes a curtain of air in place of conventional doors, expediting visitor traffic, eliminating door accidents and preserving complete temperature control within the building.

There are also mementos of famous Missourians including author Mark Twain, poet Eugene Field and artists George Caleb Bingham and Thomas Hart Benton. There is a display sponsored by major private electric utilities depicting the growth of power facilities in Missouri. Separate exhibits depicting the industrial development and natural resources of the state, the city of St. Louis and Kansas City, underscore Missouri's outstanding highway system, parks, wild life and higher education.

Pavilion of Missouri

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Built the Fair

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