Dramatic night-time view of the NCR Pavilion

UAL Promotional Slide

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Dramatic day-time view of the NCR Pavilion

NCR Daytime

Source: Commercial Transparency by Photo Lab, Inc., Washington, DC presented courtesy Bill Cotter Collection


Although the footprint of the NCR Pavilion was small compared to the other industrial giants represented at the Fair, maximum use of space was gained by employing "space frame" construction that created an interior exhibit space free of support column obstructions. The spider-web-like frames can be seen at the roof and second floor levels. The upper space frame actually supported the lower by use of tie-rods which connected them together. The NCR Pavilion occupied a prime spot at the Fair -- in the Court of the Moon across from the Lunar Fountain.
NCR & Lunar Fountain
NCR & Lunar Fountain

This rare interior view of the pavilion looks down into the lower level exhibit level from the second floor. Note the lack of interior supports. The tie-bars connecting the upper and lower space frames can be seen surrounding the opening between the two floors which accommodated the escalators.
Interior of NCR Pavilion

This night shot shows a closer view of one of three exterior towers that provided the main support for the structure. Although massive, the towers appeared light because of their open design.
NCR Exterior Night Shot

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INASMUCH AS the total cost of the Fair and its fringe benefits comes to an estimated billion dollars, gold is a significant color at Flushing Meadow. The National Cash Register Co. is a natural for gold, but actually its exhibit centers about "Man and His Records," which dramatizes the science of recording, analyzing and storing information.

NCR stands for National Cash Register. After dark its pavilion -- color-matched by the Lunar Fountain out in front -- would have gladdened the heart of old King Midas.

NCR at night

Source: News Colorfoto by Edmund Peters
Source: New York Sunday News - Date unknown
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