Hexagonal buildings at New England house separated information centers, as well as regional displays of all facets of Yankeeland life. Visitors seemed especially to like the country store, tribute to JFK, village green, "Walk on the Moon" exhibit and the Millstone, which operated a gourmet restaurant and three other places to eat.

Source: News Colorfoto by William Klein, New York Sunday News, October 24, 1965

New England States Pavilion

Source: BUSINESS SCREEN MAGAZINE Presented courtesy Eric Paddon Collection

A traditional architectural motif exemplifies the New England States exhibit area, which features multi-screen slide scenes of the area.

New England Pavilion
Multi-Screen Gallery of New England Scenes

Above: continuously changing scenes of New England are projected on these free-hanging screens, simultaneously and without cross-interference, with both front and rear projection from the several dozen automated sound and slide projectors, most of them Spindler & Sauppe Selectroslides. Smith's (of Boston) developed the unique showing of the people, places, industry and historical sites which comprise the many "Faces of New England." Polacoat created the specially-coated rear-projection screens; repeater-tape sound units were by Cousino.

Exhibit Screens
Exhibit Screens