Yesterday - At the Fair

Artist's rendering

In February, 1965 a committee was appointed by Mayor Wagner to help determine which structures should be kept in post-Fair Flushing Meadow Park. They recommended retention of the New York State Pavilion as a part of a restored Flushing Meadow - Corona Park noting that the towers constituted a natural tourist attraction and the main pavilion could provide a covered area for Park events.

Sadly, over fifty years later, the New York State Pavilion is a decaying hulk, abandoned and neglected by a City and Parks Department that once felt there was so much promise in this beautiful building.

The old cliche' says pictures speak a thousand words. May the photos on this Gallery and the Galleries to follow speak volumes.

Aerial View

New York State welcomes the World at the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair, April 1964

Source: ROLOC Color Transparency


YOU'RE UP in a NEWS airplane cruising over the Fair with our flying cameraman and you happen to look out of the window just as he snaps his picture. This is the record of what you both see. Central to the panorama are New York State's vivid Tent of Tomorrow, Theaterama and High Spot of the Fair (for once this tower looks dwarfed) and, to the right, New Jersey's blue-topped pagodas. Across the top: Transportation Area; at bottom a strip of the International Area.

Source: Airview from News Plane by Edmund Peters; Al DeBello, Pilot, New York Sunday News, May 2, 1965

Fair from the air


Aerial view

Aerial view of New York State

Source: New York World's Fair Corporationxxx
Post Fair Engineering Report

 Tent at Night

New York State's unique Tent of Tomorrow and High Spot of the Fair beckons brightly.

Source: General Electric Colorphoto, New York Sunday News, April 25,1965


 Dusk shot







New York State at dusk

Source: Personal Collection, Copyright 2000, Bradd Schiffman


Towers framed by streetlights 

The NY State Observation Towers framed by the Fair's streetlights

Source: Personal Collection, © Copyright 2000, Bradd Schiffman


Stunning night view

Stunning night lighting at NY State Pavilion

Source: United Airlines Promotional Slide


Constellation passes overhead

A Lockheed Constellation (TWA? Eastern?), on final approach to LaGuardia, passes overhead.

Source: World's Fair Publicity Photo, Courtesy Bradd Schiffman 


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