Artist's Rendering


An artist's conception of Oklahoma's exhibit at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. The Oklahoma exhibit features on the left the huge federal pavilion and on the right the Unisphere, symbol of the fair. The white, wing-like Bell System pavilion is shown in the center background.

Oklahoma's exhibit is located in the central area of the fairground, occupying a 68,000 square foot site that is landscaped to provide a relaxing retreat for the fair visitor. The central feature in this natural outdoor setting is a sunken 100 foot long relief type map of the state, emphasizing water development and industrial potential and the recreational advantage of Oklahoma.

SOURCE: Postcard, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

Southwestern Bell Post Card



Aerial view of the State & Federal Area of the Fair shows the Oklahoma pavilions and exhibits in the upper right-hand corner. The giant relief map of the state can be seen in the center of the site. A corner of the United States pavilion shows at the left of the photo. Oklahoma benefited from close proximity to the Federal pavilion.

SOURCE: NY World's Fair Publicity Photo, presented courtesy Craig Bavaro Collection

Aerial view of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Map.

SOURCE: Commercial Transparency by Photo Lab, Inc., Washington, DC

Oklahoma Map


Another close-up view of the huge Oklahoma Topographic map -- focal point of the state's exhibit.

SOURCE: VIEW-MASTER Packet A 674 Federal and State Area presented courtesy of Bradd Schiffman and Rick Flannery. See the complete View-Master presentation HERE

Viewmaster view of Relief Map


Many exhibitors struck medallions to commemorate their participation in the Fair. The medallions quickly became popular mementos of a visit to the pavilion at the Fair. This is Oklahoma's Medallion.

SOURCE: Official Oklahoma Medallion presented courtesy of Tal Davis -- a gift from his Grandfather.

Oklahoma Medallion Oklahoma Medallion
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