Timber Carnival Program



Contestants use gas driven power chain saws to cut fir logs 40 inches in diameter

Doc Parret, Winston, Oregon
Former World's Champion and present All-American Champion for Power Saw Bucking and Axe Throwing.
Ray Silvey, Crescent City, California
1962 World's Power Saw Champion, 1963 All-American and Paul Bunyan Invitational Champion.
Hap Johnson, Forks, Washington


Man-to-man competition with 7-foot bucking saw; fir log is 26 inches in diameter

Mervin Lentz. Creswell, Oregon
Northwest Bucking and Chopping Champion.
Don Rota, Tenino, Washington
Oregon State Bucking Champion.
John Miller, Roseburg, Oregon


Contestants have a five-minute time limit for two out of three falls from the logs, plus trick and fancy on a 12' x 18" length of log

Log Rolling at the Oregon Pavilion
Jim Ogle, Marquette, Michigan
World's Invitational Champion
C. Blair Acker, Portland, Oregon
Jack Culver, Sutherlin, Oregon
John Culver, Sutherlin, Oregon
Miss Sharyn Mike, Hayward, Wisconsin
Miss Betty Albany, Seattle, Washington
Don Jacobs, Escanaba, Michigan
Michigan State Champion
John Acker, Aberdeen, Washington


Contestants throw axe at 36 inch target from distance of 20 feet

Doc Parret, Winston, Oregon
Don Rota, Tenio, Washington
Ray Silvey, Crescent City, California
Gil Engle, Jewett City, Connecticut


Contest begins with climber on ground and ends when he reaches top of 110-foot pole

Mal Harper, Port Angeles, Washington
"The Beatle Tree Topper", World's Speed-Climbing Champion
Bill Cobbs, Grants Pass, Oregon
Hap Johnson, Forks, Washington
World's Champion All-Around Logger; World Champion Tree Topper for 14 years, Canadian Champion Tree Climber.



This daring logger climbs 110 feet, stands on head, does the Charleston, exercises, then drops his hat and races it to the ground

Exhibition Spped Climbing at the Oregon Pavilion
Danny Sailor, Surrey, B.C., holder of many world championships


Fourteen-inch log is chopped through while contestant stands on log. This is both vertical and Australian Style.

David Greer, Jewett City, Connecticut
Four times world wood chopping champion, also held several Australian titles.
Gil Engle, Jewett City, Connecticut
Vermont State Wood Chopping Champion
Martin Hedrik, Grass Valley, California
John Miller, Roseburg, Oregon
West Coast Hand Bucking and Chopping champion; All-Around Lumberjack Champ.
Vic Hewitt, Elkins, West Virginia
Carl Beedle, Cleelum, Washington


We're sure you will enjoy this death-defying show. And if you're ever in the Northwest, even parts of the Northwest, you can always hear the cries of the lumberjack. Timber-r-r-r.

But this 35-minute contest is only part of our show. Inside the pavilion, in case you haven't already noticed, there is our State exhibit, featuring the many outstanding attractions from Oregon, where you can relax in the state of excitement.

Also for your pleasure is the gift shop with rare and delicately carved wood and clay artifacts. Many of the wood accessories are sold in exclusive furniture stores across the country. They are a speciality of Mike McVay of Dallas, Oregon.

There also is a fine assortment of jewelry made from the highly-prized Myrtlewood as well as hematite jewelry known as "Black Diamonds". The gift shop has many redwood adornments for any home.

And don't forget to try a sample Aplet or Cotlet, the delicious fruit-nut candy brought to America from Armenia 40 years ago . . . and now available in the east for the first time. We know you'll want to send some home.

There is an indoor snack bar or if you prefer to go "native" why not try the outdoor barbecue where western cooking is the order of the day. Meals range from barbecued steaks, chicken, spareribs, and corn on the cob. You can enjoy your western style meal while studying six hand-carved McVay originals depicting various eras of Oregon history . . . and there are plenty of tables and chairs for your comfort.



Giant of the Woods

Paul Bunyan

Where ever there are loggers, you're bound to hear the tales of Paul Bunyan, the lumberjack of all lumberjacks.

This giant of a man lives as a legend in every forest ... in every lumberjack camp from the Northwest to the greens of Vermont

At the Oregon Timber Carnival, Bunyan is well represented.

Posing as a striking centurion of the pavilion is the giant size (30 feet tall) replica of the famous woodsman.

But inside the rustic pavilion, Bill Little, a 6-9, mammoth 310-pounder portrays the Paul Bunyan of yesteryear.

To tangle with either can be dangerous, but both are willing to pose for photographs.



President, (Oregon Timber Carnival Ass'n.)
Secretary, Treasurer, (Oregon Timber Carnival Ass'n.)
Show Producer
Assistant Producer
Arena Director
Paul Bunyan 
George Mitchell
Paul A. Matschiner
L. Howdie Davidson
Howard Ferguson
Gene Bingaman
Joe McKenna, Gary Coleman
Bill Little 

Source: Congress of International Logging Shows Souvenir Brochure