World's Fair Information Manual

Parker Pen Company
Mr. Warren D. Grob
Parker Pen Company Exhibit Manager
45 Rockefeller Plaza
New York 20, New York
CO 5-6604
Miss Phyllis Adams
July 17, 1963
Block 11; Lot 14
Industrial Area
10,626 Sq. Ft.
John J. Flad and Associates
2525 University Avenue
Madison 5, Wisconsin
608 CE 8-2666
D. Fortunato
Parker Pen Pavilion Pen Drawing

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual


The Parker Pen Pavilion's theme is "Peace Through Understanding Through Writing." Its aim is to unite people throughout the world in personal correspondence in an "International Pen Friend Program" sponsored by Parker in cooperation with the People-to-People organization

Exterior: Crisply modern, the building is of triple-roof construction presented in a series of black and white intersecting triangles. It reaches out 88 feet along the Promenade; the upper-most point of its roof is 22 feet above the ground. Rising above a slate floor, the building is a blend of brick, steel and wood.

Interior: The interior of the pavilion provides complete writing stations where visitors are offered the opportunity to write a note or card to a friend or relative back home. Displays document the great written works of man.

Pen-friend names are stored and matched with visitors, upon request, by an electronic computer, housed in the pavilion. The computer then matches the data on the visitor with that of a person abroad and prints the name and address of the foreign correspondent on a special overseas postcard. Then all the Fair visitor has to do is to write his first letter and mail. (Anyone interested in joining the program and corresponding with a person overseas can do so whether he attends the Fair or not. Information on the program is obtained by writing to The Park Pen Company, Janesville, Wisconsin.)

Parker Pen Pavilion

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Built the Fair


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