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IT IS ESPECIALLY FITTING that Parker, a company this is both international in concept and scope, should participate in the New York World's Fair. Its nineteenth century founder, George S. Parker, knew the value of communication. He realized the importance of telling the Parker story to the four corners of the world and many times personally carried that message as he established world markets for his pens.
Today, as a result of his efforts and those of his sons and grandsons, twenty-one individual companies are located in a dozen countries with two-thirds of all Parker sales made outside the boundaries of the United States. With its 75-year history of providing the people of the world with tools of communication, Parker recognizes the importance of understanding between peoples and has dedicated its pavilion to the theme of "Peace through Understanding...through Writing," a two-word extension of the Fair's own noble theme.
Writing Desk
At the Fair, Parker inaugurates the biggest international letter-writing program ever conducted. People of all nations, of all ages and interests, will be matched by means of an electronic computer housed in the Parker Pavilion. The computer is a major exhibit in the crisply modern Parker Pavilion located on the rim of the Pool of Industry with its spectacular Fountain of the Planets.
Visitors to the Pavilion simply indicate their special interest, where they would like to write and in what language. Within seconds, the computer selects a name and the visitor is given a personal Penfriend whose age and interest are similar to his. Correspondence between Penfriends gets started right at the Parker Pavilion, thanks to the special correspondence forms which are automatically addressed by the computer. Visitors are invited to one of the many comfortable writing stations where they can add a personal note to their new Penfriends, with a Parker pen, of course! With his first letter in the mail, the visitor can relax in the Parker Pavilion while writing postcards to friends and relatives back home.
Parker Display
Pavilion hostesses, from Parker operations as far away as Hong Kong, Brazil, Italy, Austria, Norway, England and France, and as near as Mexico, Canada and Janesville, Wisconsin, welcome visitors and assist them with their every writing need.

Parker Pavilion  
The Parker Pen Pavilion
at the
New York World's Fair
...headquarter for
Parker's International
Penfriend Program

SOURCE: Parker Pen Pavilion Promotional Brochure


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