Glass Tower Restaurant

Artist's view of Glass Tower Restaurant
    glass tower restaurant
    atop pavilion
    affords spectacular view
    of entire fair

One of the most spectacular views of the entire Fair is in store for the visitor at the Pavilion of American Interiors who choose to dine -- or lunch -- in The Glass Tower, the colorful 400-seat indoor and outdoor dining room atop the building. The circular dining room, enclosed by 15-foot high windows, is on the fourth floor of the tallest building in the area, giving an unobstructed panoramic view of the entire billion dollar Fair, with the Fountains of the Planets as a shimmering lovely foreground.

Off the glass-enclosed dining room is an open area, sparkling with color from bright umbrellas and wrought iron tables and chairs. Guests may elect to eat out of doors at both dinner and lunch.

In the main dining room, two three-sided bars, each 35 feet in length, face each other in the center of the circular room. Between the two bars is a hot and cold buffet table for service during the luncheon hour and for the display of deserts at dinner.

The restaurant, designed by Strauss-Duparquet, incorporates every technical facility for smoothly efficient preparation and service of food -- the kind that insures hot and chilled foods reach the table at just the proper temperatures.

A staff of 100 chefs, cooks, waiters and supplementary personnel provides an unusually high ratio of one employee to every four patrons at the restaurants maximum dining capacity.

Buffet style luncheon offers a varied selection of hot and cold meats, salads and deserts.

The regular dinner menu will be augmented periodically by dishes that are specialties of the regions of the United States represented in the decorator rooms of the Pavilion exhibits. In their variety, these culinary highlights constitute the broadest experience of America's cookery skills emanating from a single kitchen.

Hours for the restaurant are from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for luncheon; 6 p.m to closing for dinner. The bar will open from 11 a.m.

Prices for lunch are $2.50 to $3.50. Dinner will be approximately $6.50.

Source: The New York Times Advertising Supplement, April 12, 1964

a breathtaking view
of the fair
"Delicious!" she sighed, munching on a crisp, cold shrimp decorated in cocktail sauce Red. Tired, hungry, and thrilled-to-tears, she looked out over the Fair and knew that this would be a memory to treasure always.
Artist's rendering of Glass Tower interior

You come, too, and enjoy the fruits -- and spirits -- of this oasis atop the Pavilion. Dine graciously, at prices as comfortable as the accommodations, and go refreshed, to pursue again your adventure of a lifetime.

in the penthouse of the Pavilion of American Interiors at the New York World's Fair


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