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United States Rubber's exciting exhibit of beautiful home furnishings in the Pavilion of American Interiors

US Rubber display

These are just some of the home furnishing products by United States Rubber you will see at the World's Fair, designed to make your life easier ... more carefree ... more comfortable ... more luxurious

Naugahyde UpholsteryNAUGAHYDE VINYL UPHOLSTERY ... soft, supple, richly textured Naugahyde is the world's finest vinyl fabric. Ideally suited to today's more casual way of living, Naugahyde keeps care down to the minimum -- it needs only soap and water to keep it fresh and clean as new. So durable, it outwears children. So versatile, it can be used on every style and period of furniture design. You can choose Naugahyde upholstery fabric in more than 500 different patterns, textures and colors.
Koylon Foam RubberKOYLON LATEX FOAM RUBBER ... the world's most luxurious and long-lasting foam for seating and sleeping comfort. Foamy white, feather-light Koylon cushions the finest furniture. And a Koylon Foam mattress is the best you can buy! Honeycombed with thousands of tiny air cells, Koylon is cool in summer, perfect all year 'round. For the ultimate in correct sleeping comfort, choose a Koylon mattress in King, Queen, full or twin size ... all in medium, firm or extra firm.
Royal CarpetingROYAL VINYL CARPETING ... a revolutionary new floor covering for indoor-outdoor use. Royal vinyl is truly unique because, despite its woven, luxurious tweedy-textured look, this carpet is made of super-durable vinyl. Easy to vacuum clean inside ... soap-and-water washable outside. It resists the effects of sun, rain, even salt spray. And because it has "built-in" resiliency, it springs back quickly from furniture markings. Perfect everywhere indoors, and ideal, too, for boats, patios, sundecks and around pools. In clear solid colors and rich tweedy-textured combinations.
US Rug Underlay"U.S." RUG UNDERLAY ... superior cushioning that adds not only richness but added protection to all carpeting. Even the deepest, thickest carpet feels more luxurious underfoot with the proper rug cushioning. "U.S." Rug Underlay will actually help your rugs and carpets last years longer, even where the wear is heaviest. Available in a complete range of thicknesses, weights, sizes and qualities to meet every carpeting need.

Naugahyde Wall CoveringNAUGAHYDE WALL COVERING ... brand-new and a perfectly beautiful way to decorate walls. Naugahyde wall covering is a fabric-backed washable vinyl that is every bit as practical as it is unusual and luxurious. Available in a wide variety of richly textured patterns ... each in a choice of basic colors, each with its individual decorator-inspired accent colors. Imagine a wall covering so beautiful, so long-lasting it eliminates the need for expensive repainting and repapering.


Source: The New York Times Advertising Supplement, April 12, 1964

Home Furnishing Highlights

webmaster's note... Today we have a term for 1960s homefurnishing designs: "dated." In 1964, the bittersweet and jade colors, stack tables, Naugahyde upholstery, bathroom carpet, Mediterranean Look and copper tone appliances were the epitome of the well furnished home. The New York Times Advertising Supplement of April 12, 1964 saluting The Pavilion of American Interiors, from which most of this Feature is taken, offers the following advice on homefurnishing highlights. Although it does not relate directly to any specific exhibit in the pavilion, it's included it here because it describes, in a nutshell, what many of the homefurnishing exhibitors must have displayed in their exhibits. These homefurnishings utilized materials that were considered "new" and cutting-edge back in The Space Age. Here is a picture of our homes of the mid-sixties, bringing back memories of dwellings that were colorful and oh-so-modern!

homefurnishings highlights

BATHROOM CARPETING -- For that luxurious feeling under foot, try wall-to-wall carpeting in the bathroom. The cotton-tufted carpet kits, especially for the bathroom, are inexpensive and they eliminate that daily floor scrubbing problem.

KITCHEN COLOR -- Color - recently introduced in the major appliances as refrigerators, sinks, and stoves - has found its way to the accessories also. Canister sets, small appliances and spice racks are now alive in yellows, olives, blues and orange tones.

BACHELOR BOON -- Need a dresser to hold shirts, ties and accessories in an orderly fashion? New furniture pieces with built-in shelf dividers and drawer organizers are the answer. They keep more garments in a neater array than average drawers.

GLASS GLAMOUR -- A breakfast nook or kitchen corner can be enhanced with winding green plants. Many wrought-iron tables with glass tops have plant holders beneath and can give full view to philodendron and ivy plants below.

DOUBLE DUTY -- One of the most useful accessories in a den can be stack tables or stack units. Some fold into one end table while others stack atop one another. Used as trays for meals and TV snacks, many can also become extra seats when guests arrive.

WOOD BLOCKS FOR MODERNS -- An interesting addition to a contemporary room would be a pair of modern wall plaques with a wood block effect. The designs, fish and birds, are outlined in gold on a walnut finish.

COLOR CONVERSATION -- Autumn hues, gold orange and tawny browns, are leaders in the new color spectrum for upholstery and drapes. Other many splendored colors are brilliant bittersweet, clay red, bright jade green and intense sky blue.

ACCENT ADVICE -- The accent piece is the star of the decorative plan. Whether it's a floor clock in French finish, a curio cabinet with unusual tapering lines, a chest reflecting Venetian styling or some other unusual occasional piece with a personality of its own, the accent piece is an essential for room excitement.

TABLE TALK -- Wipe-clean mats have attained social status. Available in a rainbow of vibrant or softly muted hues, the new mats with foam rubber backing are at home on the best tables. They may be had in rectangles, rounds or ovals. Try a mixture of colors for place setting fun.

NOTE TO BRIDES -- For a harmonious table setting combine pottery with a textured cloth, weighty glass tumblers and a simple pattern of silver or stainless steel. For a setting informal mood, match fine bone china with the texture of fine linen or lace cloth or organdie place mats, use crystal tumblers and silver with a feeling of elegance.

WALLPAPER TIP -- If you are a wallpaper enthusiast, but have a small room try a border just beneath the ceiling. You will be amazed at what an interesting border can do to add elegance or zip depending on the decor.

SEE-THROUGH DRAPES -- Don't deprive ourself of the outdoor view and glimpse of your garden with a heavy drapery fabric. Get acquainted with the lovely new sheers and their light-as-foam see-through patterns. This new crop of sheer curtains comes in everything from wide stripes to garden-like florals and lacy designs resembling cobwebs.

STYLED FOR THE JUVENILE -- Today's fortunate youngster may live in a room with all the decorative distinction of adult quarters. Furniture planned to grow with the child is evidence that good taste knows no age limits.

CONVERSATION PIECES -- Put glamour on your walls with one of the new acanthus wall planters, inspired by high Renaissance designs. The planters, in a group of Old World decorative pieces are notable for fine detail and the antique gold finish.

RETURN OF THE TABOURET -- The little tabouret has come out of its Oriental seclusion to find a useful place in modern rooms. It comes in handily as a parking place for drinks, after dinner coffee and a smoking stand beside a couch.

BATHROOM BEAUTIES -- If you are looking for an amusing trick to dress up the bathroom, apply groups of cherubs on the walls. the cherubs come in sets in several sizes and in a choice of blue, pink, gold, tan or lavender.

BRASS BEDS ARE BACK -- The brass bed, which was great-grandmother's pride is back in favor. Furniture manufacturers are introducing copies from the Victorian era.

WELCOME THE UNEXPECTED GUEST -- In this day of casual visiting, the unexpected guest is a part of the pattern of life. You might be prepared to extend hospitality with a new lounge chair that retains its identity as a chair and converts into a comfortable bed.

WINDOW WISDOM -- If you have two or three awkwardly placed windows with and adjacent corner window, try unifying them with an architectural valance of plywood painted the same color as the walls.

CACTUS FOR KITCHENS -- For amusement in your kitchen, put a collection of artificial pint-sized cactus on a shelf. You might also use the wee plants as place card proppers for an informal luncheon.

TEXTURED VINYLS -- The ever-present problem of keeping upholstery fabrics clean has found a solution in the new vinyls with fabric-like textures. Some of the textures resemble tweed, others brocade and still others silk. More than 20 patterns and 200 colors are available.

DECORATE WITH LINENS -- The newest bed linens, a-bloom with flowers or smart with stripes and geometric designs, have fascinating decorative potentials. Use them for dressing table skirts, window treatments and informal table cloths.

ECHOES OF OTHER ERAS -- Paisley prints, which Paris took to its heart last year, have crossed the ocean and are now available in American shops. There are a wide variety of colorful and exciting designs among which to choose for drapes and slip covers.

SHELF NEWS -- Shelves are becoming decorative assets and are found in many new shapes and sizes for books, ornaments and plants. For one that can well become a conversation piece, keep an eye out for an old carved panel and use it as the apron for a shelf.

Source: (all) The New York Times Advertising Supplement, April 12, 1964


Touraine/Experanto designs
TOURAINE The graceful lines of this charming Louis XV collection echo the splendor and delightful, easy formality of French court life, for today's most gracious homes. EXPERANTO Inspired by the rich, vibrant color and romance of the Mediterranean, Experanto is a beautiful concept, recalling an era of great elegance and artistry.



Declaration/Travis Court/Triune designs
DECLARATION Sophisticated contemporary styling with straightforward simplicity reminiscent of our Early American and Shaker design heritage. TRAVIS COURT Lustrous mahogany reflects the elegant design simplicity of the Georgian Age, highlighted by dramatic accent pieces with hand-painted chinoisterie. TRIUNE The classic principles of balance and beauty are translated in this blending of three centuries of fine furniture design.



Source: (all) The New York Times Advertising Supplement, April 12, 1964

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