DuPont AID Rooms

NEW YORK A.I.D ROOM -- Jerome Manashaw and Edyth McCoon chose carpet certified "501" with pile of 100% DuPont Nylon. It is easy to spot-clean, resists shedding.
New York AID Room

See 14 regional designs for living -- inspired by DU PONT fibers

As you visit the Worlds' Fair Pavilion of American Interiors, you'll see fourteen room settings designed for Du Pont by members of regional chapters of the American Institute of Interior Designers. Just five are shown on these two pages. In each, the floor is enhanced with luxurious carpet made with Du Pont
Nylon and certified "501". Upholstery fabrics, too, are styled with Du Pont Nylon -- many of them with "Antron", the new, lustrous nylon so special it goes by another name. Fabrics of "Dacron" and "Orlon" lend their colorful, sun-loving, shape-keeping beauty to panels and draperies. Long wear and

ease of care are characteristic of all Du Pont fibers. And you'll find a wide world of fabric colors and styles. Shopping for a carpet? Look for the "501" Mark on the opposite page. It is our assurance of carpet fabrics that have met exacting Du Pont standards.

(Du Pont makes fibers, not carpets.)

Not shown: Rooms designed by A.I.D. chapters in Los Angeles, Seattle, Santa Fe, St. Louis, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

FLORIDA A.I.D ROOM -- James Merrick Smith and Jim Costello used sun colors in this setting. Gold draperies of "Orlon" acrylic have a hand-loomed look.  
Florida AID Room/No. California AID Room
ILLINOIS A.I.D ROOM -- Richard Himmell and Helen Masoner created this warm setting. Two tones of carpet certified "501" dramatize the entrance stairway. Upholstery, too, is DuPont Nylon.   NO. CALIFORNIA A.I.D ROOM -- Blue is the key to this setting by Archibald and Virginia Lee Taylor. Wall fabric is "Dacron" polyester striped with green and lavender.
Illinois AID Room/Texas AID Room
TEXAS A.I.D ROOM -- Soft tones of olivey greens were chosen by Edward J. Perrault and Helaine Sprong for this room. Upholstery fabrics are fashioned with DuPont Nylon. Carpet, of course, is certified "501".

Pennsylvania House

 Pennsylvania House Display

PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE at the World's Fair!

Mark down the Pennsylvania House exhibit as a "must" if you are visiting the Fair! It's a glorious display -- a glimpse of which we show you above -- carefully assembled from the world's largest selection of fine Early Americana! Pennsylvania House furniture, for every room in your home, is available in Solid Cherry, Maple and Pine designs of rare beauty and quality at America's better furniture and department stores. If you are not fair-bound this year, be sure to see this famous Colonial furniture at your nearest dealer. Get acquainted with Pennsylvania House ... it's a wonderful feeling to own the finest! 


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