World's Fair Information Manual

Radio Corporation of America
Mr. James M. Toney
Director, World's Fair Exhibit
30 Rockefeller Center, Room 5115
New York 20, New York
MU 9-7200 (Ext. RC 670)
December 19, 1962
James King and Son
Block 16; Lot 9
Industrial Area
30,002 sq. ft.
Malcolm B. Wells
P.O. Box 183
Cherry Hills, New Jersey
Mr. John Vassos
54 West 55th Street
New York, New York
CO 5-4976

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

A closed-circuit color TV network--to be used among other things, for reuniting lost children with their parents--will be a feature of the television communications center operated by the Radio Corporation of America. This will be the largest ntework of its kind in the nation. Some 200 receiving points will be set up in exhibits, restaurants, lounges and other public areas within the grounds. It will carry general reports on Fair activities, fashion shows, children's programs and general interest non-commercial material from other exhibits. It will also provide a communications medium of general utility when the need arises. The RCA exhibit will emphasize color TV and the giant steps made during the past 25 years. The closed circuit network will concentrate on aspects of the Fair which visitors might otherwise miss. Programs will include "odd facts", odd jobs, even films on the building of the Fair.
The center of this activity will be a circular building near the main entrance, looking like a group of giant drums with white tops and copper sides. Visitors will move along a gallery giving a panoramic view of everything that goes into the production of color TV programs. They will see a studio equipped with cameras, video tape machines and color film chains. Viewing monitors will enable them to see on the screen the same action they observe on the production floor. In another area, they will get a chance to see themselves on color TV. Two rooms will be furnished as lounges where they can relax and listen to stereophonic music. There will be displays showing RCA's main activities in industrial defense and space electronics.
Away from the building, a color TV mobile unit will move about the grounds to pick up events of interest for transmission over the closed circuit network.

Radio Corporation of America

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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