SOURCE: New York Sunday News Magazine, April 12, 1964 presented courtesy Bradd Schiffman Collection

People who know about the Fair say it can't be properly covered in less than three weeks. It's that big.  646 acres of Flushing Meadows provide sites for over 150 pavilions.
If your Fair-time is limited, you'll want to plan a careful itinerary. The RCA Exhibit, including a closed-circuit color television network and 300 receiver sets located conveniently throughout the Fairgrounds, informs visitors of Fair-wide activities. A mobile TV unit, roaming the grounds, permits coverage of major events and spot news developments when and where they happen.
Watch RCA color TV at the Fair -- look at the RCA Exhibit and at any of the 300 strategically placed RCA Victor color receivers.
As The Official World's Fair Color TV Communications Center, the RCA Exhibit handles a wide range of services. A worried parent, for instance, need only look as far as the nearest RCA receiver. Lost children will be regularly televised throughout the Fairgrounds.
Make your first stop at the RCA Building itself, located right inside the main gate.
From the circular glass visitors' gallery, you watch a fully-equipped color TV studio at work. See live color programs being produced. See yourself on COLOR TV -- live and on tape!
No doubt about it, the fabulous RCA Exhibit is a landmark. Its wonderful world of color television is a wonderful introduction to the Greatest Fair of all.
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