Schaefer Center Pavilion

SOURCE: Commercial Transparency by Photo Lab, Inc., Washington, DC

Schaefer Pavilion

Dining in the Schaefer Center rotunda restaurant

SOURCE: ROLOC Color Transparency presented courtesy Bradd Schiffman collection

Schaefer Center Rotunda

SCHAEFER CENTER -- Transparent walls of sculptured Plexiglass produce an enchanting atmosphere for the "Restaurant of Tomorrow." Because Plexiglass is easy to form, it was possible to incorporate in the walls hundreds of domes that give beautiful reflections inside and outside the building. This bubble effect symbolizes the effervescence of beer.

SOURCE: Brochure Plexiglass at the Fair

Schaefer Center Interior

Diorama of the original Schaefer brewery of 1842 in the Schaefer Center Rotunda. The diorama depicts gnomes performing typical operations involved in making Schaefer beer at that time. (Above: Pouring and Pumping into the Kettle. Below: Servicing the Malt Crusher)
Pouring into the Kettle

SOURCE: (both) Wolfe Worldwide Films Color Transparency presented courtesy Bradd Schiffman collection. Images © 2002 PHOTO NETWORK - NO Unauthorized Reproduction is Permitted

Servicing the Malt Crusher

Aerial view of the Schaefer Pavilion (View a Larger Version of this Photograph)

SOURCE: New York World's Fair Publicity Photograph presented courtesy Craig Bavaro collection

Schaefer Aerial


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