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THE F. & M. SCHAEFER BREWING CO. will be represented at the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair by Schaefer Center, an almost entirely plastic and fiberglass structure. Designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, the two domed building making up Schaefer Center will be surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds.
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Visitors to Schaefer Center will be greeted by many of the great names in sports who will act as hosts. In addition, great moments in sports will come alive as visitors view action photographs of these historical events in the "Circle of Sports" Gallery.
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Schaefer Center will accommodate groups up to 150 persons who may wish to hold a reception or cocktail party on the Schaefer Center Patio before dining at Schaefer Center Restaurant. (Groups desiring further information can contact Schaefer Center Manager at 430 Kent Ave., Brooklyn 11, New York).
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Located under the larger of the two domes, Schaefer Center Restaurant will serve fine food and beverages in buffet or smorgasbord style. The smaller domed unit, called The Rotunda, will present a 122-year review of Schaefer history.
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A 100-foot long bar and Beer Garden will join the two buildings.
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SOURCE: 1965 Schaefer Center Souvenir Pamphlet


Artist's Rendering - Schaefer Center

Schaefer Center's participation in the New York World's Fair marks a return engagement for The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co. In 1939-40, Schaefer Center was one of the standout attractions at the first New York fair.

Featuring cool beer gardens, a 100-foot long outdoor bar and a modern buffet restaurant, Schaefer Center in its first year of operation severed over 328,000 meals and over 2,250,000 glasses of America's Oldest Lager Beer.
Many unique features have made Schaefer Center an eye-catching exhibit. The two roofs, for example, are air-filled floating plastic discs anchored to plexiglass walls.
In addition to being a haven for hungry and thirsty visitors, Schaefer Center also has become the sports center of the fair. Each weekend, famous sports personalities such as Y.A. Tittle, Rocky Marciano and Johnny Unitas play host at Schaefer Center, signing thousands of autographs, posing for pictures and talking sports with Schaefer guests.
The Schaefer beer severed here at Schaefer Center is the result of over two centuries of brewing skill. This same fine beer is available in stores and taverns in 14 Eastern states.

Schaefer Brothers / Original Brewery
When Frederick and Maximillian Schaefer came to America in 1842 from Wetzlar, Germany, they brought with them a new method of brewing beer. This cold storage process (lagering) produced a sparkling product of nature far superior to the"common" beer of that day.
For three years after its founding in 1842, The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing co. produced its larger beer in a small brewery on Broadway and Nineteenth Street in New York City. However, lager plant facilities became necessary in 1845 and again in 1849.
51st Street Brewery / Albany Brewery
The increasing demand for Schaefer Beer in New York prompted the company to build a new brewery on Park Avenue and 51st Street in 1849 where they remained for 67 years. In 1916, Schaefer secured property in Brooklyn and later built the most modern plant of its day.
The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co. became a two-plant operation in 1951 with the purchase of a brewery in Albany, N.Y. This enabled the company to provide faster and better service for a growing market, not only in upstate New York, but all over New England as well.
Buffalo Malting Plant / Baltimore Brewery
In 1961, the company acquired a malting plant in Buffalo, N.Y., making it possible to produce its own quality barley malt.
Schaefer in 1963 became a three-plant operation when it purchased a brewery in Baltimore, Md., to strengthen its southern markets.
Historical Exhibits / Brooklyn HQ
Proud of its tradition, Schaefer takes an active community role with historical exhibits in Plymouth and Sturbridge, Mass., and Mystic, Conn.
Today, The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Company - with headquarters in Brooklyn, N.Y. - has become the largest regional brewer in the United States.
SCHAEFER CENTER SOUVENIR BEER GLASSES - Remember your visit to Schaefer Center and the New York World's Fair with a set of six attractively designed glasses. No package to carry home - just ask for an order blank and the souvenir glasses will be mailed to any address you choose. The cost is $2.50, including postage and handling.

The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co., New York & Albany, N.Y. and Baltimore, Md.

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