Brochure presented courtesy of Mike Kraus

Scott produced a colorful four-page pavilion brochure. This one is from the 1965 season.

Brochure, Page One

Brochure, Page Two

Text: "Join us on a delightful journey into the world of paper. After your trip, take advantage of Scott's luxurious rest rooms and lounges designed for your comfort. There are even special diaper changing facilities for your baby."

Left picture caption: "The air is filled with the sounds of the forest and a bubbling stream invites you to cross its wooden bridge into nature's realm where you will see the story of paper unfold before you."

Right picture caption: "The animals of the forest enjoy a playful picnic and find some unique uses for the Scott convenience products they found in the woods."

Brochure, Page Three

Picture caption: "Last year, more than three million Fair-goers explored the Scott Enchanted Forest, and 22,000 babies had their diapers changed in a special diaper changing room that is part of the luxurious lounges and rest rooms adjacent to the main exhibit area."

Text: "As you step across the threshold of the Enchanted Forest into the magical world of nature, a fragrant scent of cedar greets you. The air is filled with the sounds of the forest and a bubbling stream invites you to cross its wooden bridge and begin your journey into the World of Paper.

"As if by magic, a written message appears between two trees and sets the twofold theme of the exhibit - Trees and Women, two great mysteries that are the cornerstones of Scott Paper Company's business. The message invites you to explore, first, the mystery of trees where a thousand secrets of nature await discovery by Scott scientists; and, second, the mystery of women, Goddesses of the marketplace, whose favor Scott courts.

"Traveling deeper into the Enchanted Forest, animated woodland creatures in their natural habitat add a realistic touch to the setting. Squirrels and birds peer down from the trees overhead, and an owl blinks at you from his perch atop a pile of logs and a fawn casts a wary eye in your direction as he looks up from the stream where he is drinking.

"Through a series of exciting full color visual devices set in the lush woodland foliage, the fascinating story of paper unfolds before you. It begins in Scott's remote woodlands where efficient harvesting techniques and conservation programs insure the bounty of the forest for future generations, while providing the raw material for many of the Company's products. The story continues in the busy paper mills where rough pulpwood logs are converted into light, colorful convenience products for the modern homemaker. The story of Scott's unrelenting insistence on quality is portrayed in a visual essay that tells the story of consumers' representatives, the guardians of quality at Scott plants across the country.

"Scott then salutes the American woman. An entertaining and provocative display shows her in her many roles as housewife and mother, and points to the indispensable Scott products that aid her throughout her busy day.

"The final bend of the twisting path brings you to the most delightful and captivating corner of the exhibit. In a shaded and secluded woodland clearing, the animals of the forest are enjoying a playful picnic and find some unique uses for the Scott convenience products they found in the woods. The scene comes to life through the magic of animation."

Brochure, Page Four

Text: " . . . little things like Scott cups, napkins, tissues and towels -- at restaurants, snackbars and rest rooms. At the Fair you'll find the same quality you use at home. And at Fair service stations, even your car windows can be cleaned with Scott Windshield Towels.

"After the gates are closed each day, Scott Wipers will help clear the dust and all those little finger smudges from the fascinating exhibits -- including Scott's own pavilion, 'The Enchanted Forest'.

"You'll see Scott products throughout the Fair. It's official."

Photo presented courtesy of Ray Dashner

Tower marks the entrance to the Scott Paper Pavilion

Crowds gather at entrance to Scott's Enchanted Forest (above). Groundlevel view of the pavilion office (below).

Enchanted Forest Pavilion

Photos presented courtesy of Mike Kraus

Scott Pavilion Office

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