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In 1964, the summer issue of Scott's quarterly magazine featured its new pavilion.

Cover with Scott Tower

Evening fireworks display as seen from the Scott pavilion. Source: Scott Enterprise Magazine, Summer 1964

An estimated 1,500,000 visitors have been welcomed to Scott's Enchanted Forest pavilion since the New York World's Fair opened April 22. Each day, more than 20,000 people step into the quiet, forest-like exhibit to learn about the Company and the quality it builds into products under the guidance of the nation's housewife-shoppers. Many also visit the lounges, of course, and thousands of mothers have been delighted with the facility provided especially for diaper changing. As the Fair's major supplier of paper products, Scott sells cups, napkins, toilet tissue and towels to 85 percent of all exhibitors and concessionaires. This is Scott Enterprise at the Fair.

Goddess of the Marketplace

Scott Takes Care of the Little Things at the Fair

Nearly all of the estimated 25 million people who will visit the New York World's Fair will receive Scott Paper Company's message of "Quality and Value" loud and clear. Scot has taken advantage of the opportunity not only to tell its corporate story through "The Enchanted Forest", but also to become the major paper products supplier to other exhibitors with restroom or eating facilities.

Scott's Fair customers represent many of the world's largest and most progressive corporations - industrial leaders such as AT&T, Chrysler, G.E., Ford, G.M., Johnson's Wax and I.B.M. are a few examples. Their choice of Scott products indicates that those companies who lead in scientific and industrial progress recognize the leadership of Scott in offering the highest possible quality and value in sanitary paper products.

Throughout the Fair's 326 restrooms - including those 50 that are in public buildings sponsored by the New York World's Fair Corporation - visitors will find Scott Folded Towels, Scot-Tissue, Scotties and Confidets. Brass Rail restaurants use specially decorated Scott Cups and Scotties. This distribution of products is certain to have an important impact on the Fair's 200,000 daily visitors.

The Scott pavilion, under the supervision of Manager Burch Hindle and Associate Manager Jesse Schaudies, has become popular among Fair-goers as a place to relax. Located on the Pool of Industry, shaded by nine varieties of trees and traversed by a clear, cool stream, the exhibit is a quiet oasis in a bustling noisy Fair.

Evidence that Scott products and the Scott pavilion are having a positive effect on the consumer is contained in the many "thank you" letters being received. "Your lounge made our day at the Fair truly enjoyable," a Brooklyn mother wrote. "Until today, I had been using the products of another paper company. Because of your wonderful and thoughtful 'serving area' I am now changing to Scott paper products."

Welcome to your Club

A smiling hostess in a trim blue and white outfit will greet you at Scott's pavilion. She will be glad to answer your questions about the exhibit, and at the end of your tour she will invite you to use the Scott Lounges and to relax in the cool gardens outside.

Considered by many the most luxurious such facilities at the Fair, the lounges include clean, attractive restrooms for men, women, and children. A feature of the rest area is a baby diaper changing room - and more than 10,000 babies have already used it.

The warm public reaction to the pavilion was expressed by a grandmother who visited the Fair with her family: 'It was a Godsend! My daughter was able to wash and change the children completely. It is grand to find things so spotlessly clean."

Comfortable Lounges
Modern Restrooms The clean, modern Scott washrooms are designed to serve efficiently a maximum number of people, both young and old, in a minimum of time.

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