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The purpose of this brochure is to inform you about the Sermons From Science Pavilion at the New York World's Fair , 1964-65.

We hope you will join us in this project in whatever way you can., recognizing the truth in our motto: "An Unparalleled Opportunity and Inescapable Responsibility." Your prayerful and careful consideration of this project is appreciated with love and thankfulness.

Background History

In 1962, pastors and laymen who are council members of the Christian Life Convention in the New York City area, recognized the New York World's Fair 1964-65 as a unique opportunity for witness to Jesus Christ.

As a result, they initiated the Sermons From Science Committee. This brochure has been prepared by and relates to the activities of this Committee.

Sermons from Science Committee

This Committee recognizes the fact that the New York World's Fair will require a unique presentation of the Gospel.

The 70 million people who are coming to the Fair will be in a holiday mood, living in a carnival

atmosphere, not particularly interested in God, the Gospel or church. We believe it is actually possible to utilize this "Fair attitude" to present the claims of Christ.

To meet this unparalleled opportunity we are presenting Sermons From Science in a 500-seat pavilion. Here's why:

1. Sermons From Science was created precisely for situations like the New York World's Fair. It was designed to attract the non-churched, non-religious person.

2. Through years of experience in cities and military bases all over the United States, Sermons From Science has developed a presentation of the Gospel that is unique and appeals to the mood of our generation.

3. Sermons From Science has proven effectiveness through six-months' exposure and experience at the Seattle World's Fair in 1962, where it was one of the most heavily attended and respected exhibits at the Fair. But most important, many people received Christ through this ministry.

The Sermons From Science Committee is composed entirely of businessmen in the New York City area. Its offices are located at 123 West 57th Street, Room 508, New York 19, New York

SOURCE: Sermons From Science Fund Raising Brochure, excerpted


A different program will be presented at regular intervals from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day the Fair is in operation. There will be at least twelve presentations each day.

Each person will see these programs in his own comfortable "theatre-type" seat in an air-conditioned auditorium.

Special sound equipment will be installed to present the programs in five different languages via ear phones, so that many of the two million foreign visitors will hear the Gospel in their native tongue (French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese)

The programs will consist of live demonstrations by Dr. George Speake and James Moon of the Moody Institute of Science and films. With special laboratory equipment, Dr. Speake will translate the wonders of science in terms of spiritual reality. Visitors will see in action:

The cry that can shatter glass
A frozen shadow
A flashlight that talks
The stammering machine
Metal rings floating in air
1,000,000 volts of man-made lightning
Liquid lights from cold chemicals
Invisible energy sets steel aflame
Eyes that see in total darkness
Electron magic with a ribbon of rust
Some of the films to be shown cover such fascinating topics as:
City of the Bees
Time and Eternity
Window of the Soul
Red River of Life
God of the Atom
God of Creation 
The Prior Claim
Hidden Treasures
Voice of the Deep
Mystery of the 3 Clocks
Facts of Faith
Dust or Destiny 


At least 12 programs are scheduled for each day in the auditorium designed to hold 500 persons. This makes it possible for us to reach 6,000 people every day of the Fair. This is our unparalleled opportunity to evangelize to about two million people who will be attending the Fair in 1964 and 1965.

To meet the holiday attitude and satisfy the curiosity of people at the Fair, Sermons From Science is:

  1. Accurate from a scientific point of view.
  2. Exciting from an entertainment point of view.
  3. Stimulating from an intellectual point of view.
  4. Faithful from a Biblical point of view.

Budget -- 1963 - 1964 - 1965

The Committee desires to present Sermons From Science in the most attractive an efficient way possible -- all to the glory of God. The cost of the Pavilion, including auditorium, counseling facilities, lounge and office space, plus all landscaping is estimated at $200,000. This figure has surprised professionals in the building field, since original estimates were twice this amount. Since the building is both functional in design and strikingly attractive, it is the considered opinion that we are getting top value for the money invested.

The budget has been constructed in order to accomplish this objective and has been forecast in monthly requirements to meet all expenses as they occur.

In meeting financial obligations, it is the prayerful expectancy of the Committee that all bills be paid on time, so that Sermons From Science is never in debt.

Also, the Committee is dependent on God to supply the necessary funds through His people as needs are made known to persons everywhere.


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