World's Fair Information Manual

Seven-Up Company, The
Mr. John C. Furnas
Seven-Up New York World's Fair
33 East 48th Street
New York 17, New York
MU 6-7000
October 12, 1962
Block 17; Lot 3
Industrial Area
45,088 sq. ft.
Becker and Becker Assocs.
375 Park Avenue
New York 22, New York
PL 9-1678
Thatcher Construction Co.
7-Up Pavilion Line Drawing

SOURCE: World's Fair Information Manual

The Seven-Up Pavilion will serve as an oasis of international sandwiches and entertainment. The exhibit will emphasize the global scope of 7-Up and will be a tribute to all who play a part in making the 7-Up trademark an international symbol.
Exterior: The Pavilion area is sheltered by 24 brightly patterned canopies made of acrylic polyester resin reinforced by fiberglas. The shells are supported at the outer edge by curved steel angle frames. Each shell covers an area of 25 square feet. Four of these shells will contain elaborate 7-Up exhibits and 20 will be dining areas. Redwood decks form the flooring of all dining areas. The center building, with promenade deck, is constructed on a steel frame with cement insulated "sandwich" exterior paneling. The second level is walled with tinted glass from floor to ceiling. The decor features combinations of the Seven-Up Company red and green motif combined with the New York World's Fair white.
A distinctive tower topped by a four-faced clock reaches a height of 107 feet in the center of the exhibit. Beneath the clock, the sphere bearing the 7-Up emblem is 21 feet in diameter.
Interior: A public dining area comprises a major portion of the Pavilion. International sandwiches from all over the world will be served, prepared according to authentic recipes by the Brass Rail. The tables accommodating three, four and five persons have a seating capacity of 640. As visitors sip 7-Up, continuous entertainment will be presented from four circular stages throughout the Pavilion. The stages, 15 feet in diameter, are embodied in fountain pools. When the fountains are turned off. the platform stages become ready for the performer. The continuous acts -- musical, dancing and comedy -- will be programmed under the supervision of John Krimsky. The entertainment will be international in nature, featuring the music, song and dance specialities of many lands.

Seven-Up Pavilion

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Built the Fair

7-Up Aerial Vie

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