Progress Report

progress report

 the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens grow

The 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens are shaped by 143 tons of specially-fabricated steel, trucked from Bethlehem, Pa., by police-escorted convoy. At right, 80-foot girders from legs of the 7-Up clock tower, rising above arches of dining shells in which fairgoers will enjoy 7-Up with international sandwiches and entertainment. In domed Fair Pavilion (left), daily special events will be featured.
Site Sign


In the construction field office on the site of the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens, files of blueprints stamped COMPLETED grow thicker, as April 22 draws near.

April 22! Opening day of the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair, where the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens will provide an oasis of international sandwiches and entertainment for the 70,000,000 visitors the Fair will attract.

Early phases of construction offered little visible evidence of progress. There was plenty of activity, though -- surveying, grading, running underground utility connections, soil testing.

To reach solid footing in the filled-in marsh of Flushing Meadow, 61 pilings, each 80-feet long, were driven in clusters. A 20-ton concrete cap was poured over each cluster.

The 143-ton steel framework they support was fabricated at Bethlehem, Pa., and delivered by a six-truck convoy. Police escort was required to maneuver the 80-foot sections of the 7-Up clock tower through traffic. As cranes lifted steel into place, progress became visible.

The 107-foot 7-Up clock tower rises above the Gardens' two-story central building and the arches of 25-foot-square dining shells grouped around it. Glass walls of the building's 25' x 75'

upper level, housing the 7-Up International Room for 7-Up Developers and special guests, are being installed.

A 25' x 75' observation deck, between the upper level and the tower, extends the building's lower level to an area 25' x 150'. There, international sandwiches will be prepared and served.

Fiberglass, in colorful patterns, soon will roof the dining shells, where visitors will enjoy 7-Up and international entertainment as they dine.

Hundreds of items used in constructing and equipping the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens are specially designed to project the image of 7-Up quality and international popularity.

As construction is completed, landscaping will be started. Plantings will be placed in earth from the many lands where 7-Up is famous.

John Furnas, general manager for Seven-Up New York World's Fair Associates, confidently states that April 22 will find the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens ready to welcome your customers with hospitality they'll enjoy, appreciate and remember as one of their most pleasant experiences at the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair.

Two-story building, hub of the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens, awaits installation of glass walls. On top floor will be the 7-Up International Room, for 7-Up Developers and special guests. On first floor and in area roofed by a 75-foot observation deck, 7-Up international sandwiches will be prepared and served. Structure seen through framework is neighboring duPont pavilion. Between right corner of building and the tower, which will feature the world-famous 7-Up trademark, is the General Electric pavilion. International Room

Tower Long Shot
The 72-ton steel skeleton of the 7-Up clock tower rises to commanding height of 107 feet. To obtain solid footing on the filled-in Flushing Meadow site of the Fair, 61 pilings were driven 80-feet deep, with 20-ton concrete caps poured over each cluster of pilings. Crown-shaped objects in foreground are fountains of Hoover Promenade, a section of the main concourse leading from the Unisphere to the Fountain of the Planets. The 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens front on the concourse, and are bordered on one side by Avenue of Europe.
Tower Close Up
Skeleton of 21-foot sphere suspended in tower will be encased in a plastic shell bearing four giant replicas of the 7-Up trademark. Five-foot clock faces and clock mechanism will be mounted in upper sphere. Ten 15-foot replicas of the 7-Up clock tower are being built at Fair entrances by The Watchmakers of Switzerland. The 7-Up clock and replicas, regulated by a master chronometer, will record "Official World's Fair Time."

SOURCE: the 7up Leader, Volume V No. 1, January/February 1964

Dining Shells Arches frame workmen installing steps leading to second-floor observation deck and the 7-Up International Room. fiberglass shells will span arches, to form dining areas 25-feet square. On lower level of central building, diners will select sandwiches from menu representing four world areas. Group of shells at entrance will feature displays portraying the international popularity of 7-Up.

it's World's Fair time . . .

 "Let's Meet Under the 7-Up Clock"

Looking up into 7-Up Tower
Race against time is symbolized by unfinished clock frame atop 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens tower. The race is won, as John Furnas (right, below), general manager for Seven-Up New York World's Fair Associates, sees clock faces installed, with Peter Hugentobler, Watchmakers of Switzerland official, supervising.
Clock Face

It's Fair time! Time to join with New York World's Fair visitors from around the world, as they say "Let's meet under the 7-Up Clock."

You'll hear it said in the many languages of the many lands where 7-Up is a famed and favorite international symbol of enjoyment. Make the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens your rendezvous, too. It will be the international hub of Fair activity for visitors coming from around the national and around the world in the spirit of the Fair's theme "Peace through Understanding."

In the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens, the race against time -- the frantic, all-out final drive to be ready for opening day -- has been won. The 7-Up tower clock's four faces arrived in time to mark the last two weeks of the countdown to opening day.

Landscape architects moved in, and "spring" came to the 7-Up Gardens' site at the corner of the Avenue of Europe and Hoover Promenade. With the man-made spring came the first public guests to enjoy the hospitality of the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens at a special preview.

Preview visitors were members and distinguished guests of the Missouri Society of New York, including Governor John M. Dalton, U. s. Senator Stuart Symington, Congressman Edward Long and other dignitaries from Missouri, home of The Seven-Up Company.

The Visount Hinchingbrooke, heir to the title Earl of Sandwich, jetted from England to attend this and the Fair opening as "sandwich consultant" to the 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens.

St. Louis Explorer Scout Charles Smith, at the Fair to represent 7-Up at the Boy Scout Pavilion's opening, doubled as representative for the nation's 5,000,000 Scouts in presenting an official World's fair neckerchief to Governor Dalton. Flagpoles for the Scout's Avenue of Flags were contributed by The Seven-Up Company.

Seven-Up was prominent in events formally opening the Fair, highlighted by the opening day parade.

Dominating the parade, seen on network television, was the 7-Up stilt-walker, costumed to create a 20-foot replica of the 7-Up tower. At the base of this spectacle capered two midget international chefs and a giant animated 7-Up bottle. Next came 38 marchers bearing signs which spelled "Meet you under the 7-Up clock" and "7-Up International Sandwich Gardens."

An estimated 250,000 opening-day visitors applauded the 7-Up paraders, then became the first among millions who will suggest, "Let's meet under the 7-Up clock." It's fair time!

Chuck Smith and Howard Ridgway
Being briefed for role as 7-Up representative at Fair events, St. Louis Explorer Scout Chuck Smith views earth sent by 7-Up Developers in 47 lands for 7-Up International Sandwich Gardens "ground uniting." Howard Ridgway, The Seven-Up Co. vice president, and president of Seven-Up Export Corp., briefs Smith, who took part in opening of Scouts' Avenue of Flags. Flagpoles were presented by The Seven-Up Co.

SOURCE: the 7up Leader, Volume V No. 2, March/April 1964

Installation of Dining Shell Roofs
Perfect fit! Arrival of pre-fabricated fiberglass roofs for dining shells marked a milestone in race to meet opening day. Their installation put the 7-Up Gardens "under roof."


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