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Sierra Leone Artwork

If Sierra Leone was transported to the States it would be about the size of Maine - and it too is a coastal country. But from that point on, Sierra Leone has a climate, a culture, and an economic drive unlike anything you can find here

Sandwiched between the Republic of Guinea to the north and the Republic of Liberia to the south, Sierra Leone has a mean temperature of 80 degrees and two seasons - dry and wet. We are mainly an agricultural and cattle land but our exports, the wares you know us by, are from our mines. Diamonds, iron, chromite, gold, bauxite, rutile - all these are in abundance in our country. 

Sierra Leone is also a developing nation.

Since we obtained our independence in 1961 we have shared both the throes and achievements of our other African neighbors. New Industries have been established, but there is still a long way to go.

That's one reason we came to the Fair. We would like you to see our accomplishments and to investigate some of the opportunities we have to offer.

We also want you to have fun during your visit and we know you will. We've brought our dancers and musicians, our woodcarvers and weavers, and our native arts (some of which you can buy).

So when you come to the Fair, visit Sierra Leone. We've made sure you'll enjoy it.

Sierra Leone Artwork 

SOURCE: The New York Times Magazine, April 19, 1964

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And for further information about Sierra Leone write:
Sierra Leone Consulate General 30 East 42 Street (Room 609), New York City


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