World's Fair Information Manual

"Land of Enchantment"
Mr. Arthur Clyne, Coordinator
World's Fair Exhibit
Simmons Company
1 Park Avenue
New York 16, New York
MU 9-6060
May 24, 1961
Block 5; Lot 6
Industrial Area
13,319 sq. ft.
A. Epstein & Sons, Inc.
2011 W. Pershing road
Chicago 9, Illinois
212 VI 7-6000
Miss Doris Thistlewood
Arndt, Preston, Cahpin, Lamb & Keen
375 Park Avenue
New York 22, New York
PL 1-7460
D. Fortunato, Inc.
$1.00 per half hour

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

Exterior: Rising three stories, the Simmons Beautyrest Center Building covers 10,000 square feet and carries out a contemporary design theme. Planes of blue accent the white building and the large expanses of glass. At one end an exterior spiral staircase, winding around the enclosed elevator shaft lends an air of fantasy to the facade. Surrounding the building is a graceful reflecting pool that gives the building the appearance of floating on a moat. Two curved and arched bridges form the entrance to the building.
Interior: After completing a tour of animated displays on the ground floor, the World's Fair visitor will have an opportunity to be whisked upstairs to a quiet area of rest and relaxation, far from the hustle and bustle of the Fair excitement. The two top floors of the building will house 46 Rest Alcoves-private roomettes-that will be rented to visitors for half-hour periods. Each visitor will be met and conducted to a private Rest Alcove by a Simmons Beautyrest Lady. Among these specially trained attendants will be a trained practical nurse to dispense aspirin or assist mothers with casualties. Each alcove has a small clock-like unit outside which is set when the visitor enters. At regular intervals, attendants will check and gently awaken any guest who may have drifted from a light nap to a deep sleep. Each rest alcove contains a Simmons adjustable bed, operated by push buttons to raise the head and feet. One window has an adjustable venetian blind in a new narrow width that can be completely closed to darken the room or, when opened, is almost invisible. On one side of the building the rest alcoves overlook a charming, pastoral park area, and on the other a panorama of exciting World's Fair architecture.
The V.I.P. Suite, a private section of the building's third floor, stresses elegance and a quiet atmosphere and abounds in new materials and design concepts. In a soft blue and chamois color scheme, accents of deep rich sapphire blue give the room style on the quiet side. In the evening, wall-to-wall draperies in the new Beta Fiber of Fiberglas cover the windows to create an intimate atmosphere. Guests may watch the special closed circuit color television produced by RCA. If a nap is desired, the bed is fully fitted in exciting printed sheets and bedding. Sheets and pillow cases by Wamsutta are in a floral panelled design in blues and greens. The fabric, a new cool, silky blend of cotton and Avril is called Lustercale. For entertaing, the opposite side of the room has a conversation grouping of furniture from the Simmons Living Room Division. The light and dark blue striped carpet extends throughout the room and ties the bed and sitting room section of the suite together. The room has a compact wall storage unit that includes the liquor cabinet, television, and mirror, as well as shelves and drawers for make-up, writing material and refreshment accessories.
When leaving the building, the visitor can walk down the spiral staircase for a breathtaking view of the Fair and has an excellent opportunity to take photographs unencumbered by crowds.

Simmons Pavilion

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Built the Fair

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