Proposed Simmons Company Pavilion by A. Epstein & Sons, Inc., Architects.
SOURCE: NY World's Fair Progress Report No. 4, January 17, 1962
Initial Artist's Conception
The Simmons Pavilion takes its final form.
SOURCE: NY World's Fair Progress Report No. 7, January 24, 1963
Final Artist's Conception

View from the Pavilion of American Interiors shows the enclosed stairway leading down from the rest alcoves on the second and third floors.
SOURCE: Photograph, &COP Copyright 2002 Bill Cotter collection.
Simmons from Ground Level
Pixies or Saucy Elves? There's a lot going on in this interior scene in the "Land of Enchantment" by famed designers Silvestri.
SOURCE: Photograph, &COP Copyright 2002 Bill Cotter collection.
Interior Displays by Silvestri

Land of Enchantment
SOURCE: Slide Presentation United Airlines Presents
nterior View

"Simmons offers this bed in the VIP suite, adjacent to 46 rest-alcoves for catnappers."
SOURCE: New York Sunday News, April 12, 1964
VIP Suite

Exterior view of pavilion from opposite end of the previous photo. Circular stairway leads up to rest alcoves.
SOURCE: Photograph, Courtesy Simmons Company.
Exterior of Pavilion
Interior pavilion shot of the main floor. Map at right is captioned "House of Simmons."
SOURCE: Photograph, Courtesy Simmons Company.

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At the Simmons Pavilion, where you can rent a bed in a rest alcove for $1 a half hour (men on one side of the corridor, women on the other), there is a VIP alcove which is rent free. It awaits the VIP who happens to catch the eye of the Simmons press agent.
More women then men use the alcoves. "I guess men think it's sissy to get tired," the manager told me. "But yesterday I found a man sprawled out on the couch on the main floor. He said he was waiting for his wife, who had rented an alcove upstairs. He was what I should call a free-loader."
The Simmons Company indulgently provides interior-spring sanctuaries for those who have had all they can stand. Among those wallowing on foamy mattresses are the waifs who could not find a hotel room in New York.
SOURCE: HOLIDAY Magazine, June, 1964, Courtesy Rich Post Collection

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