Invitation to Visit

Source: Simmons Special Invitation brochure


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Heigh-ho come to the Fair! And when you do,

come to Simmons Beautyrest "Land of Enchantment."

A warm welcome awaits you.
  Simmons Pavilion

With the Sandman as your guide, you and your whole family will thoroughly enjoy an exciting tour of Simmons never-never animated "Land of Enchantment" created by famed Silvestri.

You'll meet the Beauty Queen, sleep pixies, saucy little elves, and even "Mr. Simmons." You'll see the muZZZeum where the sleeping problems of famed historical persons are delightfully depicted. See Weeping Willow trees cry crystal tears. You'll visit a secret laboratory where sleep scientists are developing newer, quicker ways to Slumberland. It'll be a fascinating, fun-filled tour you'll never forget.

And for the very first time at any fair, Simmons gives foot weary and worn out visitors a chance to lie down to rest and relax. For a small fee, our Magic Elevator will whisk you upstairs to your own softly-lit sleep alcove where you can rest - even sleep - on a new Beautyrest Adjustable Bed - the Bed of Tomorrow. At a touch of a finger, it'll adjust electrically to any position to soothe your tired muscles and nerves. You'll be able to continue your tour of the Fair refreshed from your Beautyrest.

So come to the Fair, and when you do, visit Simmons.


  Viewing the Fair  
  Enjoy a thrilling panoramic view of the greatest World's Fair in history from high outside the circular stairway of the Simmons building.  
  Land of Enchantment  
  Take a delightful tour of the Magic World of Slumber. Thrill to the magic motion of the lovable animated characters created by Sylvestri.  
  Beautyrest Adjustable Bed  
  Rest and relax - even snooze - on the new Beautyrest Adjustable Bed - the Bed of Tomorrow. It adjusts to any position to enable you to arise refreshed for more sight-seeing.  


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