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Source: Simmons Press Release, June 23, 1964

Simmons Day at the World's Fair

It's Simmons Day at the New York World's Fair on June 24th and to celebrate the occasion, Simmons invited their Atlantic Division retailers to be their guests at a special VIP reception.

Over 600 dealers will meet at the Simmons New York Showroom for an early breakfast before boarding the sightseeing buses to the Fair. After a tour of the Fair grounds, Simmons President Grant Simmons, Jr. will greet the visitors as they arrive at the Simmons World's Fair Pavilion, "Land of Enchantment". This is the popular building featuring the Simmons Rest Alcoves, that are rented to Fair visitors for half-hour naps.

A special ceremony is planned when Grant Simmons, Jr. plants a tree on the Simmons Pavilion grounds at the Fair to commemorate Simmons Day. After the duration of the Fair in 1965, this tree will be moved to the grounds of the company's Munster plant in Indiana.

A luncheon for VIP's will be held at the Pavilion of American Interiors. After lunch, guests will tour the Pavilion to see room settings of Simmons hide-a-beds.

 Activities Coupon strip

 VIP Button - Simmons Day


Promotional materials for Simmon's Day at the New York World's Fair include coupons for admittance to attractions and this large VIP button.

Source: Simmons Press Release, June 22, 1964

 Simmons Equips World's Fair Atomedic Hospital

A revolutionary new concept in hospital design called the Atomedic Hospital opens as the working hospital of the New York World's Fair tomorrow. The second such hospital ever built, the Atomedic Hospital will be presented to the World's Fair President, Robert Moses and the Medical Officer, General Brownton, M.D. at a special ceremony Tuesday morning, June 23 by the Atomedic Research Center Inc.

The first Atomedic Hospital opened in Montgomery, Alabama just a year ago under the direction of Hugh C. MacQuire, M.D. the originator of this unique concept, and has been in operation since then.

A member of the Atomedic Industry Planning Council, Simmons has developed furniture, built-in units for the wedge-shaped patients' rooms, new concepts in operating room equipment through the Simmons Hausted Division and furnished specially designed color-coded storage and office equipment for the laboratory and administrative sections of the Atomedic Hospital. Ray Pascoe of Simmons and Chairman of the Industry Planning Council, stated these products were only the beginning of the development of this totally new concept. Simmons research continues on new methods, materials, techniques and designs to contribute to this significant advance.

All interiors of the round, windowless Atomedic Hospital structure were planned, furnished and color coordinated by the Interior Design Department of Simmons to create a feeling of comfort and well being for patients and a convenient, pleasant and efficient working atmosphere for hospital staff.

Nurses from the original Atomedic Hospital in Montgomery will be in attendance at the World's Fair Atomedic to explain and guide professional medical groups through the building. Tours are arranged by the industry representative.

As a working emergency hospital at the New York World's Fair, the Atomedic Hospital will be the only installation at the Fair (outside of the Fair's maintenance group) to be in operation around the clock 24 hours a day.

Atomedic Hospital

Source: Photo courtesy Mike Kraus Collection © Copyright 2002

Atomedic Hospital

Stairway to Dreamland sets off the daring Simmons Beautyrest Center pavilion. After climbing spiral stairs visitors will be able to take 30-minute catnaps to rest aching backs.
Pavilion Spiral Staircase

If You Must Sleep...

The scarcest commodity at the World's Fair will be doled out in 46 tiny rooms.
It is sleep.
This is the prime attraction of the Simmons Beautryest Center. Fair visitors with tired feet and aching backs will be able to relax in the center's carpeted rest alcoves for 30-minute naps.
Each air-conditioned room is fitted-out with and electric adjustable bed and is protected from the sun by ceiling-to-floors Venetian blinds.
The king-sized snoozeville also includes a display of Simmons products.
The three-story pavilion has the Fair's only outside spiral staircase, winding upwards above a reflecting pool.

SOURCE: Long Island Star Journal, Tuesday, March 31, 1964, Courtesy Rich Post Collection


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