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SOURCE: Simmons Pavilion promotional brochure

Heigh-ho, come to the Fair and step across the threshold into the magic "Land of Enchantment" at the beautiful Simmons Beautyrest building. There you'll be welcomed by the cheery Sandman and the charming Beauty Queen as well as the voice of Mr. Simmons - yes, Mr. Grant Simmons, Jr., himself! Together you'll stroll through this delightful Wonderland of Sleep where saucy little Pixies and Elves frolic among the glittering Golden Oak and shimmering Sterling Silver trees. You'll watch and wonder at the Weeping Willow trees that cry Crystal tears . . . the "Rock-a-Bye" babies asleep in treetops and nestled in water lillies.

Then on to the MUZzzzeum to see the many imaginative ways famous ladies and gentlemen of history tried desperately, if unsuccessfully, to get a good night's sleep.

We don't want to give the whole show away, but there are dozens of other wonderful things to see in Simmons realm of enchantment. We'll keep them under wraps until you get here.

 Beautyrest drawing

The special Simmons treat? It's the blissful answer to World's Fair feet and fatigue. When you're tired, just step into our Magic Elevator and you'll be whisked upstairs where a Beautyrest Lady will show you to your private rest alcove. There you can take your ease on Simmons newest sleeping aid, the Adjustable Beautyrest Bed, that lets you elevate and rest weary legs and feet or raise your head and shoulders by just pushing a button! When you've relaxed completely (you're almost certain to fall asleep) in the sublime comfort of the automatically adjustable bed you'll feel wonderfully refreshed . . . completely revived and invigorated . . . ready to go again!

Admission to the building is free. Use of the rest alcove for one-half hour is only $1.00.

And there's so much to see at the Fair! Don't miss our other exhibit in the Pavilion of American Interiors. . .

. . . and come again to Simmons "Land of Enchantment," soon!

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