World's Fair Information Manual

"Sinclair Dino Land"
Mr. James R. Tucker
Sinclair Refining Company
600 Fifth Avenue
New York 20, New York
CI 6-3600
February 16, 1962
Block 47; Lot 2
Transportation Area
34,418 sq. ft.
J. Gordon Carr & Associates
80 West 40th Street
New York 18, New York
OX 5-4660
Lewis Paul Jonas Studio
R.D. 2
Hudson, New York 518 TL 1-2211
Rand Construction Company

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

The Sinclair Refining Company's exhibit at the Fair will be a completely authentic, full-size re-creation of nine different genera of dinosaurs, and a scientific display of life as it endured and developed over some 165 million years.
The life-size reproduction will be shown in a natural setting based on fossil evidence of plant life exisiting in North America at the time in which the dinosaur lived, from a world of primitive plants to the world of forests, which came later. Three of the larger models will be partially animated to indicate the way the animals moved. These replicas of the largest land creature that ever existed were being constructed under the guidance of the late Dr. Barnum Brown, Curator Emeritus of the American Museum of Natural History. His discoveries and writings had earned him the title "Mr. Dinosaur". Currently Dr. John Ostrum noted paleontologist of Yale University's Peabody Museum has been appointed as a consultant.
The dinosaurs in the exhibit will be:
COELOPHYSIS (See-lo-fy-sis), forerunner of the giant dinosaurs, dating back 180 to 230 million years ago;
two reptiles of a later period, 135 to 180 million years ago,
BRONTOSAURUS (Bront-o-sawr-us), he's the largest and best known and
STEGOSAURUS (Steg-o-sawr-us);
The six other reptiles dating 63 to 135 million years ago are;

TYRANNOSAURUS (Tye-ran-o-sawr-us)
TRICERATOPS (Tri-ser-at-ops)
ANKYLOSAURUS (An-kyle-o-sawr-us)
CORYTHOSAURUS (Kor-it-o-sawr-us)
ORNITHOMIMUS (Or-nith-o-my-mus) and
TRACHODON (Trak-o-don)

All the dinosaurs are bing constructed by Louis Paul Jonas, noted sculptor, whose rare combination of talents - a creative imagination and a scientific accuracy - have made him uniquely competent to meet the challenging task set before him by Sinclair.

The molded fiber glass creatures will be made to endure for many years and will be available for permanent display after the Fair closes.

Sinclair "Dinoland"

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965