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The vital role that Sinclair and its 25,000 independent Dealers play in serving America's growing need for petroleum products is the story that Sinclair is telling visitors to the New York World's Fair.
This story is being told in many ways. Visitors to Sinclair Dinoland step back in time to a prehistoric world when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Here they see mighty Brontosaurus - symbol of Sinclair - and eight other dinosaurs which dramatize the age and quality of crude oils from which Sinclair Petroleum Products are made. These crudes were mellowing in the earth millions of years ago when dinosaurs lived.
An interior exhibit relates another important phase of the Sinclair story. It includes three dioramas. One depicts the evolution of the earth from earliest forms of life up to the time of the dinosaurs. Another dramatizes
how Sinclair products are used to provide power and energy for our complex transportation system; and a third describes the contributions that Sinclair will make to the "World of Tomorrow."
Sinclair Dealers will appreciate the value of the two modern Sinclair Stations at the Fair, and the favorable impression they create for Sinclair Dealers everywhere. The World's Fair Marina is equally impressive. It's one of the largest marinas in the world, and supplies Sinclair Products to Fair visitors who come by boat.
These are some of the impressions millions of motorists will get of Sinclair when they visit the Fair. You'll benefit, too, because these people will have greater confidence in the Sinclair Products and services available at their local Sinclair station.
In the months to come, millions of visitors to the New York World's Fair will see Sinclair Dinoland. The unique exhibit is conveniently located in the Fair's Transportation Area. It overlooks Grand Central Parkway in Queens.
Each of the nine different types of dinosaurs at Sinclair Dinoland are shown in their natural prehistoric environment. Pictured above is the Trachodon, a duck-billed, web-footed dinosaur with about 1500 teeth.


Artist's Rendering of the Fair

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The purpose of your Trip 'n Travel Prize-O-Rama is to bring more new customers into your station at the peak of the spring and summer travel season - which promises to be the biggest on record. Just think - over 40 million people are expected to visit the World's Fair this year - and most will travel by car!

To bring more motorists into your station there'll be hundreds of prizes - 1,964 in all. Grand Prize will be a trip for 2 to the Fair . . . plus a '64 Cadillac, $5,000 cash, and 500 gallons of Sinclair Dino Supreme Gasoline. Second prize will be a trip for 2 to the Fair plus a '64 Falcon, $500 cash, and 500 gallons of Dino Gasoline. And there'll be 80 trips for 2 to the Fair offered as Third Prizes.

Hundreds of other prizes are planned to build business for you. These include Sinclair Products that can be won by motorists. To collect these prizes, winners must come to Sinclair Stations. This is planned to give Dealers an opportunity to meet new customers, and convert them into Sinclair regulars.

You can win a valuable prize too. There'll be 1,964 Dealer prizes, including the Grand Prize of a trip for 2 to the Fair plus $1,000 cash. Many of the other prizes include specially selected items you can use at your station.

The only way your customers and prospects can enter this contest is by depositing an entry blank at your station. You'll have an ample supply of entry blanks, and if your imprint appears on the winning entry, you'll win a prize too. Talk up the Trip 'n Travel Prize-O-Rama, and get your station ready for the big event. You'll have everything you'll need to be a winner!

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Look who's back ... by popular demand! More than a million of these inflatables have been sold. And this year, they'll sell faster than ever because of national publicity the Sinclair Dinosaur is getting from the Sinclair Dinoland exhibit at the World's Fair.
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Tie in with Sinclair Dinoland by offering six plastic scale models which are exact replicas of the dinosaurs displayed at Sinclair's World's Fair exhibit. Each package contains a booklet with full color illustrations and descriptions of all the dinosaurs at Dinoland.
Order your supply of Bag-O-Dinos soon. And when you order . . . make sure you order enough to satisfy all of your customer's needs.

Source: Magazine The Sinclair Dealer Spring-Summer 1964, Presented Courtesy Mike Kraus Collection