The End of the Fair

Workmen Remove Struthiomimus
The New York Daily News captures glimpses of the end of the Fair in October, 1965 and the dismantling of the Sinclair Dinoland. (above) Workmen remove Struthiomimus from his location. (below) The moveable head of Brontosaurus is detached first before the rest of the massive dinosaur is taken from Dinoland.
 Dismantling Brontosaurus  Workman Rides the Bronto Head

Source: (top) New York Daily News, Tuesday, October 19, 1965
_Photo: NEWS photo by Charles Payne
Source: (bottom) New York Daily News, late October, 1965
Photos: NEWS photos by Jim Hughes


Now, Even the Dinosaurs are Heading for Florida
Triceratops leaves Hudson, N.Y., bound for Florida aboard a specially designed trailer
Triceratops on a Flatbed

Source: The New York Times, Thursday, February 3, 1966

A drove of dinosaurs is making its way south from New York and will arrive in Florida this week for a five-day stand in Miami beginning next Wednesday.

The life-sized reproductions of the beasts have been part of the Sinclair Refining Company's World Fair exhibit and are now part of a promotional road show that will take them to 40 shopping centers in 18 states during the next nine months.

The Sinclair tour is one of several by major companies to take advantage of the shopping center as a sort of showcase for its promotional activities.

Sinclair said it decided on the tour after individuals, schools, groups and even cities had asked to borrow or to be given one or all of the animals.

The dinosaurs are being transported in a caravan of nine specially adapted 40-foot flatbed trailer trucks.