Dinosaur Tour 1966

Map of Tour 1966

For thirty-five years our Company has used, as its corporate symbol, a reproduction of the largest creature ever to roam the earth -- Brontosaurus, the giant reptile that spent some sixty million years in a world that was eventually inherited by Man. There are many interpretations one can give to this symbol as it relates to Sinclair: the size and power of our Company; the energy created eons ago, deep in the earth, by the vegetation and animal life that ultimately produced the petroleum products now available at our Sinclair stations throughout a good part of the United States; in short, the graphic meaning of one of nature's greatest natural resources -- oil.

It was not until the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair, however, that even greater dimension was given to our familiar Brontosaurus. Although we hoped to have a successful exhibit we had no idea that our family of life-size dinosaurs, built of fiberglass in as exact detail as science could create, would generate such genuine interest and excitement that ten million visitors to the Fair would come to our prehistoric garden. Encouraged by this response we decided to launch a tour following the Fair and take our dinosaurs to the people.

We traveled ten-thousand miles through twenty-five states and visited thirty-eight major cities in little less than ten months. Masses of people crowded the shopping centers that hosted our Dino Caravan, and when the 1966 tour ended, close to another ten million had seen our exhibit.

You can appreciate the depth to which the project extended by noting that it reached the front pages of dozens of major metropolitan newspapers; became photographic features and backgrounds for professional and amateur alike; acted as the main topic of hundreds of radio and television programs; and provided a vital educational experience to hundreds of thousands of school children. The exhibit and the news that it stimulated saturated the media of entire areas and focused all-out community attention on our menagerie.

We are so pleased with the results that we will tour again during 1967 -- and perhaps beyond that. We hope you will enjoy these memories as we review the Dinosaur Tour - 1966.

C. G. Drescher, President,

Sinclair Refining Company

Sinclair Dinoland on tour in 1966
Dinos on a Flatbed

Visitors take in the Tour
Trachodon in St. Louis

Brontosaurus on a Flatbed
Viewing Stegasaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex towers over Tourgoers


 T-Rex at Macy Parade  Brontosaurs in Macy Parade


Stegasaurus on Parade Macy Balloon of Sinclair Trademark


Ankylosaurus Viewing Dinos on TV



Source: Booklet, Sinclair Dinosaur Tour: 1966, Presented Courtesy Greg Dawson Collection

A 30-second radio add spot copy announcing the Dinoland Tour at a local shopping center in Orlando, Florida.

Source: Presented Courtesy Mike Kraus Collection

Add Spot Copy

On tour at a Florida shopping center - March, 1968

Source: Courtesy Bill Cotter Collection © Copyright 2007 Bill Cotter, All Rights Reserved

1968 March Florida Shopping Center