The Dinosaurs Today

Sinclair's Dinoland toured the country again in 1967 and 1968 on their specially constructed flatbed trailers before the dinosaurs settled down to permanent homes.

Here's where you can visit the Sinclair Dinoland dinosaurs today...

Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex ...
Dinosaur Park
Glen Rose, Texas

... Still an impressive sight after over 50 years!

Bronto in Glen Rose, TX

T-Rex in Glen Rose, TX
SOURCE: Photos courtesy of Wesley Treat

© Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

Triceratops ...
Louisville Science Center
Louisville, Kentucky

... at the Louisville Science Center


SOURCE: Photos Courtesy Gary Holmes Collection

© 2007 All Rights Reserved

Stegosaurus ...
Dinosaur National Monument
Harpers Corner, Utah

... located outside the Visitor's Center at Dinosaur National Monument

Stegasaurus at Dinosaur National Monument

SOURCE: Photo Courtesy National Park Service

© Copyright National Park Service, All Rights Reserved

Corythosaurus ...
Riverside Park & Zoo
Independence, Kansas

... greets visitors in Independence!

Corythosaurus in Independence, MO

SOURCE: Photo Courtesy Riverside Park Ralph Mitchell Zoo

© Copyright Riverside Park, All Rights Reserved

Anklyosaurus ...
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston, Texas

... found at the Houston Museum of Natural Science!!

Ankylosaurus c. 1970

SOURCE: Photo Courtesy Houston Museum of Natural Science

© Copyright Houston Museum of Natural Science, All Rights Reserved

Struthiomimus ...
Milwaukee County Museum
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

... relegated to the back of the Dinosaur Hall at the Milwaukee County Museum

Struthiomimus in Milwaukee

SOURCE: Photos Courtesy Gary Holmes Collection, © 2007 All Rights Reserved
Struthiomimus at Milwaukee County Museum

Trachodon ...
Brookfield Zoo
Chicago, Illinois

... in a wooded setting at the Brookfield Zoo


SOURCE: Photo Courtesy

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(whereabouts unknown)

 The dinosaurs were offered to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. following their national tours. The Smithsonian declined the offer.

Jonas Studios of Hudson, New York, continues to produce dinosaur models for display at various museums and institutions around the world.


You can still buy Sinclair gasoline in the West and Midwest. Anyone interested in the company today should check out their website:, particularly the History section with a look back at Dinoland:, and of course the merchandise section:


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Bill Young
February, 2007