Singer at the Fair

Singer Bowl
is a 17,000 seat stadium located at a main entrance "cross roads", where visitors coming by train and subway enter the Fair. Exciting public events are stage daily o admission free o Olympic tryouts o dramatic and dance programs o music festivals o band concerts o other special events.

THE SINGER EXHIBIT CENTER is located in one side of the Singer Bowl, facing outward on New York Avenue.
Wonderful things will happen to you... at the
New York
World's Fair --
where SINGER is part of a great and spectacular show designed to bring you tomorrow's marvels today!
You'll be on T.V.!
View yourself on 21 television screens at once -- from three different angles! See the remarkable Singer 6" Personal TV in action!
Camera which sees in
the dark
A photo-mural of Manhattan Island -- shot at night from 30,000 feet, shows the astonishing capability of an infra-red scanning camera made by a Singer subsidiary.
 Camera Sees in the Dark
Exciting Sewing Ideas
You'll be inspired
by demonstrations of exciting sewing ideas -- beautiful collage in felt -- decorator tricks with ticking -- and other creative designs you and Singer sewing can achieve.
    Ballet of Needle & Cloth
Ballet of needle and cloth
Ugo Torricelli's movie camera fashions an elegant visual experience from the rhythm of gleaming machinery and the glowing textures of fabric and thread.
You may win
one of the beautiful American flags we'll be sewing every day as prizes for our guests. Just register!
Flag Sewing
    Entertainment Ideas Display
You can relax
to soft music in the Home Entertainment Center -- and marvel at the tiny size and magnificent sound of transistorized stereo hi-fi.
Be our guest!
Use our postcard -- and a Singer typewriter -- to tap out a message back home. We'll mail it for you.
Singer Typewriters

SOURCE: Singer Souvenir Brochure

    Millionaire Fabrics Display

You'll be dazzled by "MILLIONAIRE FABRICS"
a collection of twenty-five of the world's most luxurious fabrics . . . "fabulous" is the word for them.
P.S. If the fabrics are strictly for dreams -- the exciting high fashions you'll see are styles you can create for yourself.

Source: Above photos presented courtesy Randy Treadway Collection and are © Copyright 2010 Randy Treadway, All Rights Reserved

Photographs from the Randy Treadway and Bill Cotter collections of Photographs from the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair show The Singer Bowl as the Fair's arena. Interior photograph shows a narrated demonstration of Singer sewing machines.

Singer Exterior 

Singer Interior

Source: Above photos presented courtesy Bill Cotter Collection and are © Copyright 2010 Bill Cotter, All Rights Reserved

Singer Exterior Night

Singer Exterior

Singer Exterior

Pretty model stitches up flags of all states and nations in Singer display area beneath the Bowl. Flags are presented to visiting VIPs.

Source: News Colorfoto by Edmund Peters and Richard Lewis, New York Sunday News, May 23, 1965

Flag Sewing Photo
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