World's Fair Information Manual

Spanish Pavilion
Comisaria General
El Pabellon de Espana
Avenida del Generalisimo 30
Madrid, Spain
Mr. Manuel Ortuno
The Pavilion of Spain
850 Third Avenue- 12 Floor
New York 22, N. Y.
PL 3-9620
December 17, 1962
Block 22; Lot 25
International Area
78,000 sq. ft.
D. Francisco Javier Carvajal Ferrer
Breton de los Herreros 67
Madrid, Spain
Kelly and Gruzen
10 Columbus Circle
New York 19, N. Y.
JU 2-7040
Paul Tishman Company

SOURCE: 1964 World's Fair Information Manual

Spain's influence in the discovery, colonization and independence of America will be the dominant theme of the Spanish Pavilion. The Pavilion will consist of three buildings constructed with steel frames and pre-cast concrete wall panels.
One section will be an 850-seat theatre for the presentation of a variety of programs, from concerts by top Spanish artists, to fashion shows. There will also be a festival of motion pictures dealing with history, tradition, and present industrial and artistic life of Spain.
A second area will consist of two galleries. One will be an exhibit of paintings, sculpture and antiques, including a number of masterpieces on loan from Spanish museums and private collections. The second gallery will be composed of 12 different exhibits, each representative of a period in the history of Spanish painting.
There will be three restaurants and a "wine cave". Five patios will provide space for visitors to relax amid pools, fountains, trees and flowers.

Spanish Pavilion

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Produced the New York World's Fair 1964-1965

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