World's Fair Information Manual

Cable Ride
Mr. Paul Zuberbuhler, Director
International Cable Ride Corporation
c/o Von Roll A. G.
Berne, Switzerland
Martin F. Richman, Esq.
Root, Barrett, Cohen, Knapp and
26 Broadway
New York 4, New York
HA 2-8180
January 18, 1963
Begins Block 28; Lot 14, 34,240 sq. ft.
Ends Block 33; Lot 24, 26,755 sq. ft.
Von Roll, Ltd.
Berne P. O. Box Transit
Berne, Switzerland
William L. Crow Construction Co.
$ .50 each
Skyride Line Drawing
The Berne Works, a division of the Von Roll Iron Works, will erect a spectacular four seat gondola type aerial cable ride. The cable cars will travel at a rate of five miles per hour, at a height of 112 feet, affording a fabulous view of the panorama of the fair site, making the 2,000 foot journey in 5 minutes.
Skyride Route

SOURCE: World's Fair Information Manual

FEATURES (cont'd)
Two complete circuits forming four cable lines will join two terminals on either side of the International Area, where passengers may board the ride. Two rows of cars will travel in either direction, accommodating 4,800 persons per hour, 2,400 in each direction.
While the passengers are waiting to embark, souvenir stands in the terminals will offer the opportunity to purchase many of the Fair's licensed items, which will include a replica of the Swiss Sky Ride.

Swiss Sky Ride

Source: NY World's Fair Publication For Those Who Built the Fair

Black & White photo of skyride

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