Shown below is a rendering of the Swiss Sky Ride which will extend across the International Area and provide visitors with a panoramic view of the Fair.

Artist's Rendering

SOURCE: NY World's Fair Progress Report No. 8, April 22, 1963

SOURCE: Photo: The Saturday Evening Post, Issue No. 20, May 23, 1964 - Photograph by John Zimmerman

Traversing the fair's International Area at 112 feet in the air, the colorful cable cars of the Swiss Sky Ride command one of the fair's most sweeping views and make an eye-filling sight themselves. The ride, 2,000 feet long, lasts five minutes.

Boarding the Swiss Skyride and traveling high above the Fairgrounds

SOURCE: Commercial Transparency by Photo Lab, Inc., Washington, DC

Swiss Skyride
Swiss Skyride

Swiss Sky Ride

SOURCE: Online Auction

Sky Ride

A look at the loading/unloading platform

SOURCE: NBC News, Worlds' Fair Diary with Edwin Newman, Broadcast July 30, 1964

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