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Reflecting the kind of charm that has made Switzerland a favorite of American tourists, the Swiss Pavilion is a delightful recreation of a tiny Alpine village.

The five building village includes Le Chalet, an Alpine restaurant. The glittering $2,000,000 exhibit of Swiss watch-makers is housed in three peaked buildings reminiscent of the Alps. Another building is an Exhibit Hall where products of Switzerland such as cheese and chocolate are displayed and may be purchased, and where Switzerland's tourism industry will be represented.

The Swiss Pavilion is less than 100 yards from the Unisphere, located at the southern end of the Swiss Sky Ride, at the corner of the Avenue of the United Nations and Avenue of Africa.

You are invited to sample the renowned Swiss hospitality. Right now, plan to visit this charming spot of Switzerland at the World's Fair.

Alpine Restaurant

 Dine at an Alpine Restaurant

Have you ever dreamed of dining at a real Alpine Inn? Here at Le Chalet, multilingual Swiss waiters and waitresses in costume will serve you fondue, fondue bourgignonne, rosti, emince de veau, Zug kirsch torte. Here you can watch your favorite raclette being prepared at a hearth as the fire melts a wheel of Bagnes cheese onto your plate.

Dining at the Swiss Pavilion is an incredible experience of being able to order a French appetizer, a German entree, an Austrian or Italian desert ... in each case with an undefinable certain-something added to make the meal thoroughly Swiss. The restaurant's wine cellar will include six great wines of Switzerland never before available in the United States.

Le Chalet has exposed interior beams, a high pitched roof, overhanging eaves, shuttered windows and looks for all the world like it might be nestled against the side of a snow capped mountain. Inside, decor is typically Alpine Swiss with burnt wood furniture made in the tiny village of Montbovon just for the Fair.

The restaurant serves 350 on its two interior levels and also provides dining on a terrace and on a balcony overlooking the Fair. It is open between 10 a.m. and midnight.

Prices are moderate, dining is family style.

 Come to the

Come to the Swiss Pavilion

Visit the Exhibit Hall

Connecting the buildings of the Swiss Watchmakers with Le Chalet is an Exhibit Hall in which world renowned Swiss products may be purchased.

Here you will learn how Swiss cheeses are made and you will be able to buy the cheeses of your choice from a wide selection.

Famous Tobler chocolate will represent the Swiss chocolate industry, and you will learn why Swiss chocolates are believed to be the world's finest.

At the Heidi Shop, you will find Swiss cowbells, music boxes, wood carvings, costumes, and working reproductions of wooden Swiss clocks more than 500 years old. Don't miss the opportunity to pick up a book of renowned Swiss recipes.

And at the Exhibit Hall, Swiss National Tourist Office and Swissair representatives will answer your questions about Swiss resort centers and travel.

So, have a taste of real Swiss hospitality ... at the World's Fair Swiss Pavilion.

Exhibit of Swiss Watchmakers

The largest and most exciting display of watches ever seen in the United States will be housed in three high peaked buildings reminiscent of the Swiss Alps. Here Monday through Friday, you can win a fine Swiss watch.

The masterful Swiss watches included in the glittering $2,000,000 display include collections by:


take the Swiss Sky Ride to the Swiss Pavilion  Location Map

Time Center

World's Fair Time Center

Your most treasured souvenir of the World's Fair will be your photograph -- or the photograph of your family -- taken before the Master Clock of the World's Fair Time Center at the Swiss Pavilion.

The Master Clock, so accurate that it can measure imperfections in the Earth's rotation, will provide an enduring record of the year, month, day, date, hour, minute, and tenth second of the photograph for your priceless record in years to come. Bring your movie or still camera.

Source: The Swiss Pavilion Guide

After visiting the Swiss Pavilion, you will want to spend your next vacation in Switzerland just a few hours away by twice daily Swissair DC-8 jet flights.

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