To the Moon and Beyond

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YOU will be propelled on the most fantastic, incredible
voyage through billions of miles of space ... from its utmost
outer reaches ... back to the Earth itself, and into the center
of the minutest atom. All through the magic of Cinerama!
ORDER TICKETS IN ADVANCE and avoid the lines. Send check or money-
order to CINERAMA, Inc., Dept. TVG, c/o Moon, 575 Lexington Ave.,
N.Y., N.Y. 10021. Adult tickets 75c each; children under 12, 25c each.

Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 27, February 19, 1964

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Number 27 February 19, 1964
Moses & Flight Attendants
MOON STRUCK -- World's Fair President Robert Moses holds model of the moon as TWA hostess Mary Nietom (left) and United Air Lines stewardess Maureen Costello look on. Steelwork at the rear will frame T&T Pavilion's giant "Moon Dome."
(Moon model through Grosset & Dunlap, Inc.)

T&T TOPPED OFF -- Robert Moses joined more than forty exhibitors and guests at topping-off ceremonies for the Transportation & Travel Pavilion February 7. The final steel section of the building was placed into the Moon Dome at 2:30 P.M. Robert O. Thatcher, T&T president, guaranteed completion of construction on schedule.
LARGEST MOON MODEL REVEALED -- The 96-foot-high dome will be transformed in coming weeks into the largest model of the surface of the moon ever built. In the next step, the dome will be sheathed with more than 1,500 plywood panels, each 4 x 8 feet in size. Under supervision of the U.S. Army Mapping Service, the craters, valleys, seas and other features of the moon will then be mapped on the plastic-coated dome.
CRATERS ON ORDER -- Indicating the scope of the project is the size of the order placed for scale-model craters. More than 750, ranging in diameter from eight feet to approximately two feet, are already in production. Completed dome will be visible throughout the Fair, and effectively lighted at night.
INSIDE STORY -- Inside the dome, as previously reported, Cinerama, Inc. will present "To the Moon and Beyond," utilizing the new "Spacearium-360" technique. Dramatic motion picture will completely surround the audience -- on all sides and above. show is expected to rank among top attractions at the Fair.
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Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 34, March 31, 1964

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Number 34 March 31, 1964
FIRST EUROPEAN AIRLINE ENTERS T&T -- KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will sponsor "To the Moon and Beyond," the spectacular Cinerama production to be presented inside the Moon Dome of the Transportation & Travel Pavilion. KLM has also scheduled its exhibit in the T&T Pavilion.
JOURNEY INTO SPACE -- The space show will be one of the top hits of the Fair. It has been produced by Cinerama, Inc., in a dramatic new motion picture process called Spacearium-360. Utilizing all of a gigantic, domed screen, it will give viewers the sensation of soaring through the vast reaches of space -- passing the Moon, ranging through the Solar System, entering the structure of matter itself, and more.
KLM Logo
FROM A TO Z (AMSTERDAM TO ZURICH) -- KLM spans the world, flying to 104 cities on all six continents. Its world-wide flight experience has been developed over 43 years of passenger flights. The KLM fleet of 90 planes is maintained at the company's own workshop at Amsterdam Airport, valued at $6,000,000. A total of 3,600 mechanics and engineers check and re-check KLM aircraft, with the company spending about 52,333 man hours a year to maintain one DC-8 jet.
* * *
EXECUTIVE CONCOURSE FILLS -- Only a few suites remain available in the Executive Concourse of the T&T Pavilion. The most recent new occupant: Insurance Company of North America...Industry participation in the T&T Pavilion continues to expand as the opening of the Fair approaches. Look for announcement of an exhibit by one of the world's leading hotel chains within a few days.
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Source: BUSINESS SCREEN MAGAZINE Presented courtesy Eric Paddon Collection

to the MOON in Cinerama

exploration of outer space on an 80-foot Spacearium dome
KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines is sponsor of this Cinerama journey into outer space showing in dome theater.
Moon Dome

ROCKETING VIEWERS into outer space, past the moon and into the far galaxies, the Cinerama film To the Moon and Beyond projects exploration of space against the 80-foot dome of a Spacearium on top of the Transportation and Travel Pavilion at the Fair.

Presently sponsored by the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the film is shown to paid admissions. It was produced by Graphic Films Corporation for Cinerama, Inc. and Rod Serling narrates the film.

The audience is taken within the action which generally occurs in darkness to free the viewer from conventional ideas of size and time.

Escalator up to Moon Dome

Speeding up the events known to astronomers, the picture shows (though animation) how clouds of gas whirl into great galaxies, expanding outward from one another, with old generations of stars exploding to distribute the gaseous components of subsequent stellar generations, visible in our time.

Returning to earth, the film takes us to a great rocky canyon to illustrate the shape of matter on the stars . . . to the middle of a great forest and to the bottom of the sea. In one sequence the audience finds itself at the bottom of an anthole, watching the insects crawling in and out above. But the intricate workings of molecular and atomic space are the films' true goal. From a broad view of the cosmos, attention shifts to the familiar building processes that we call the chemistry of the


Left: a moving stairway takes viewers up to the dome theater for Cinerama "Moon" journey.

Scene from Graphic Films' production which explores the vast events out beyond outer space.

Scene from "To the Moon..."

planets: the relation of liquid water to the diverse manifestations of life. The incredible complexity of living forms is revealed.

As a stirring conclusion, the pulsing image of a single living cell is invaded by the camera, accompanied by loud "booms" of sound on the track.

To the Moon was lensed by Graphic films in double-frame 65mm. Final magnification to the 600X screen dimension required utmost care in the production of convincing special effects material. It has succeeded.

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