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Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 29, March 2, 1964

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Number 29 March 2, 1964
Scale Model of Exhibit
THE FLEET'S IN -- U.S. Navy and Marine Corps participation in the Transportation & Travel Pavilion has just been confirmed by the Department of Defense. Theme of the exhibit will be "Around the World with the U.S. Navy."
THREE DIMENSIONAL -- Highlight of the Navy-Marine exhibit will be an unique Navy-developed motion picture device that projects 35 mm color film onto a 180-degree concave screen filling almost the entire field of vision of the spectator. Special film footage depicting many of the unusual aspects of surface, air and underwater transportation currently in use by, or being developed by the Navy is now being shot by its camera crews throughout the world.
AROUND THE WORLD IN 180 DEGREES -- Among the unusual sensations scheduled to be experienced by visitors to the Navy theater will be: a voyage under an Arctic icecap; a high speed ride in a hydrofoil vessel; surface travel and submersion in a "Polaris" submarine; catapulting from, and landing on, an aircraft carrier; a practice session with the Navy's "Blue Angel" precision flying team; a free-fall parachute jump; a combat ride in a Marine Corps helicopter over the jungles and rice fields of South Viet Nam and a high-speed, low-level flight on the Navy's world record-holding "Phantom" jet.
MODEL SHIPS -- Also scheduled to be part of the Navy-Marine Corps exhibit is a display of scale models of ships and other types of equipment in use, or under development, by the Navy. The models, some of which will be accompanied by small-screen continuously-running motion pictures showing them in action, will be arranged in arcade form to entertain visitors waiting to enter the main theater.
ANCHORS AWEIGH -- The Navy-Marine Corps exhibit will be located on the main floor of the building adjoining, appropriately enough, the special T&T Cruise Ship Travel Center. Announcements of additional military-service exhibits are expected soon.
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Source: BUSINESS SCREEN MAGAZINE Presented courtesy Eric Paddon Collection


ultra-realism of a superb training device
surrounds viewers with action on the screen
Cine-Globe Cruiser scene shows a Navy fighter on a "strike" mission, viewed from the pilot's angle; audience figures are in foreground.
Cine-Globe Cruiser Scene
Opening scene in the Cine-Globe Cruiser show has jet trails revolving outward until they fill the entire area of hemispheric screen.
Opening Cine-Globe Cruiser Scene

THE "WRAP-AROUND" projection system developed by The Jam Handy Organization is bringing Fair visitors a bigger-than-life look at the Navy and Marine Corps in action. The system is used in a Cine-Globe Cruiser theater within the Travel & Transportation Pavilion.

Landing a fast jet on an aircraft carrier, plunging beneath the sea in a nuclear submarine, hitting the beach with the Marines ... all these are typical scenes as the Cine-Globe presentation gives amazing realism on its hemispheric screen. The system uses a Handy-designed lens of a unique type that completely fills the spectator's field of vision. The screen curves around and above the viewer to give the "you are there" effect.

Standard-gauge 35mm film is used and the "taking" lens for production of the sequences is similar to that of the projection lens so that the simulated 3-D effect of the system is without image distortion. The Cine-Globe system was originally devised by JHO with the cooperation of the U.S. Navy to provide a realistic training device for Naval Aviation and in Marine Corps tank training. It simulates combat conditions, especially those involving fast motion (such as a jet plane attack). The lens covers an extremely wide angle (142 degrees) to almost match the field of vision of the human eye.

Ten Minutes of Real Action
The 10-minute presentation takes place in a theater with room on its upper tiers (above the projector) for about 75 standees; a dozen or so children are permitted

The U.S. Army has this small walk-in theater in the Travel & Transportation Pavilion. It offers a movie, transparencies and dioramas of modern Army.

Army Theater

to sit on the floor "within" the screen area, practically "inside" the picture.

The Cine-Globe Cruiser's physical setup, utilizing a single very wide-angle lens for both production and projection, standard 35mm motion picture films and a fold-up-and-carry hemispheric screen has already been utilized by the Jam Handy Organization in some stunning commercial presentations.

It is this kind of "carry-out" idea which business users of the film will be seeking at the Fair. The cost and complexity of larger, "permanent-type" exhibits discourages their use outside of the exposition grounds.

Small continuous repeater projectors like these offer films on Navy and Marine Corps subjects in the Transportation Pavilion.

Continuous 16mm Projection Balls

The Army's Little Theater
Typical of dozens of such installations around the Fair is the small (10 persons) "walk-in" theater in the T&T Pavilion now showing a Man on the Moon film under U.S. Army auspices.
Also featured in the Navy and Marine Corps exhibit area at the Fair are six 16mm rear-projection (continuous) motion picture setups enclosed in round balls set on poles. Films shown are concerned with life in the services and the advantage they offer to young men and women.

Below: Young viewers are encouraged to sit on the floor, "inside" the Cine-Globe Cruiser screen area which surrounds them. Their parents stand in tiers up and beyond the projector.

Inside the Cine-Globe Cruiser

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