TWA, Sea Hunt, Imperial '400' & More

Source: Booklet, TWA New York World's Fair Information

Fairground Map
The Transportation and Travel Pavilion houses fascinating displays of space travel, as well as the more unusual kind we use on earth. The first floor of this pavilion is given over entirely to the transportation and travel industry. At the TWA exhibits flanking the main entrance, TWA will help you with travel plans, your return trip, and give you any travel assistance you wish. TWA's exhibit is an Official New York World's Fair Information Center. TWA is also the "Official Air Carrier of the Transportation and Travel Pavilion, New York World's Fair 1964-1965". The second floor is devoted to a spectacular presentation of moon exploration, fee 75c.
TWA Logo

TWA Exhibit
At the TWA exhibit on the left as you enter the Pavilion, TWA's part in developing air transport is shown in a semi-circle of 14 glass "history pylons," with scale models of aircraft and legends describing the advance of aviation.

To the right as you enter the Pavilion you will see TWA's 30-foot model of the composite design of the supersonic transport suspended from the ceiling. The wall background simulates the upper atmosphere in which it will fly.

TWA's two exhibits in the Transportation and Travel Pavilion, flanking the entrance to the two-level building, tell the story of air transport and TWA's role in it -- yesterday, today and tomorrow. The entrance to the Pavilion is across the way from the General Motors Building.

Source: Photos presented courtesy Bill Cotter Collection

TWA Constellation

TWA's Historic Aircraft Display in the T&T Pavilion. Above: TWA Constellation; Below: TWA Douglas Aircraft.

TWA Douglas Aircraft

Sea Hunt

Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 30, March 5, 1964

Newsletter Header
Number 30 March 5, 1964
Artist's Rendering "Sea Hunt" Set
SET FOR "SEA HUNT" -- This is the stage setting for the first live, underwater drama in history. In it will be played some of the most dramatic sequences from "Sea Hunt," the it television series. Presentation will take place in the Transportation & Travel Pavilion.

"SEA HUNT" AT T&T -- The hundreds of millions of adults and children who have thrilled to the underwater adventures of "Sea Hunt" on television will have the opportunity to see some of the show's most exciting sequences performed at the T&T Pavilion, live and underwater. Narrator will be the star of the TV series -- Lloyd Bridges.
WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE -- The "stage" for this action show will actually be a swimming tank 36 feet wide and 12 feet deep, designed by Buster Crabbe. It will be filled with 40,000 gallons of water, a mixture of New York City's reservoir water and tropical water transported from an island paradise. According to producer John McKnight, the filtered combination results in the clearest water on earth. Natural coral, real and artificial seaweed, live tropical fish and an ancient Spanish shipwreck will be "on stage" throughout the performances.

"HIT OF THE FAIR" -- "Because the concept is completely new, because the show is based on one of the biggest TV hits and because our cast and story will be excellent, 'Sea Hunt' will be the surprise hit of the Fair," says Mr. McKnight, a former swimming champion. He has a record of success, having produced the Flushing Meadow Amphitheater Show and having narrated the Aquashow for eight years.

PREVIEW -- The plot of this first underwater drama is filled with action, including these spectacular events: a beautiful girl fights for her life against an octopus ... on opening day, April 22, the hero who rescues her discovers $2-million in treasure in a shipwreck ... the villain tries to steal the treasure, and the two men fight, far below the surface of the sea. And these are only a few of the moments of high adventure.
CONTINUOUS RUN -- Three separate casts, each with one glamorous girl and two men, will make it possible to repeat performances three times each hour. The theater will resemble an underwater grotto. Admission will be low: 75c for adults and 25c for children.
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Imperial '400' Motels

Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 33, March 25, 1964

Newsletter Header
Number 33 March 25, 1964
BUILDING WITHIN A BUILDING -- A full-size section of a two-story motel is being built on the ground floor of the Transportation & Travel Pavilion by Imperial '400' National, Inc., the nation's fourth largest motel chain. "Through this exhibit, millions of visitors will become familiar with our motels and will be briefed on our locations, referral system, accommodations, rates and hospitality," says Bernard Whitney, president of the chain.

Mr. & Mrs. Whitney & RM
MOSES MEETS MODEL MOTEL -- Fair President Robert Moses (right) examines scaled-down version of full-size motel section being erected in T&T by Imperial '400'. Bernard Whitney, president of Imperial, and his wife look on.

"HOME AWAY FROM HOME" -- The full-size motel section will include a typical manager's apartment, bedroom and a working reservation desk, reproduced in detail to indicate the air of hospitality in Imperial '400' accommodations. Visitors will be able to pinpoint the locations of these accommodations on a large map; they will secure up-to-date directories; and they will hear the company's story on earphones.
SPECTACULAR GROWTH -- The story which T&T visitors will hear is an impressive one. Imperial '400' opened its first motel in California in July, 1960. Today, as it approaches its fourth anniversary, the company has more than 100 motels in operation or under construction in 34 states. Expansion plans call for the opening of a new motel every ten days.
Imperial '400' Logo
ARISTOCRATS OF THE INDUSTRY -- How did the corporate name evolve? Mr. Whitney explains that it was suggested by the familiar reference to "the 400" of New York City's Social Register. "But it has come to mean more than that," he says. "Today, the 400 represents the number of motels we have set as our goal."
HERE'S WHY -- The president attributes the company's success to several factors: All its motels are in strategic downtown areas...standard rates apply coast to coast, with advance reservations free to guests...accommodations offer more than usual luxury...hospitality is genuine.
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Executive Concourse

Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 32, March 24, 1964 ... add appearing in The Wall Street Journal

Transportation & Travel Pavilion, New York World's Fair

Artist's Rendering T&T Pavilion


Memo to Management Men

With the start of history's greatest Fair just two months
away, many corporations, brokerage houses, banks and
insurance companies are looking for a gracious base of
operations for business and entertainment at the site.
They are finding it in the new Executive Concourse.
It started with exhibitors.
They found their own pavilions could not house the kind of luxurious office space they wanted for administration and VIP entertainment.
Then other companies began to see the once-in-a-generation value of a "home office" at the Fair -- for playing host to customers, special employees and friends at the biggest show ever produced. (Advance ticket sales have already exceeded $35 million, and paid advertising by the Fair and its exhibitors is expected to top $150 million in 1964, alone.)
All these companies saw the opportunity to generate business and unique good will.
To meet the need, a distinctive new section has been added to the Fair's Transportation & Travel Pavilion to house the Executive Concourse. The pavilion fronts on the Grand Central Parkway, within easy reach of all exhibits.
Concourse space will be available for occupancy by April 1 in units from 200 square feet, divided to suit. Rental costs will be moderate. The space will be serviced by excellent restaurant and beverage catering facilities within the pavilion. Luxurious conference rooms and lobby display panels will also be available.
Not least important, this space will offer you the number-one prestige address for 1964 and 1965 -- Executive Concourse, Transportation & Travel Pavilion, New York World's Fair, New York, N. Y. 11380.
* In the Transportation & Travel Pavilion
If you should be interested in joining such charter tenants as Shell Oil and Time Inc. in the Executive Concourse, please direct your inquiry to Transportation & Travel Pavilion, Inc., Time & Life Building, New York, N.Y. 10020 or call (212) CI 5-1968.

Reno - Lake Tahoe

Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 31, March 12, 1964

Newsletter Header
Number 31 March 12, 1964
Reno-Lake Taho Exhibit Booth
RENO-LAKE TAHOE IN T&T -- One of the nation's major resort areas, Reno and Lake Tahoe, will be represented by a major exhibit in the Transportation & Travel Pavilion. Not satisfied with the 6,500,000 tourists who visited or passed through last year, Reno plans to use its World's Fair exhibit to attract even more, according to Jud Allen, Chamber of Commerce general manager.
THE HYPHEN IS NEW -- The Reno-Lake Tahoe exhibit will represent the first joint promotion by the two resorts, each of which is famous in its own right. (Tahoe is 25 miles from "The Biggest Little City in the World.") "Individually they are great," says Mr. Allen, "but together they offer vacationers the greatest variety of sports, recreation and entertainment in the nation."
STRESS ON FUN -- Reno-Lake Tahoe bills itself as the second largest entertainment center in the U.S. -- in terms of numbers of comics, personalities and bands. Not so well known is the recreation: swimming, boating and other water sports...hunting and fishing...skiing at areas like Squaw Valley...touring at Carson City, the nation's smallest state capitol, and Virginia City, its liveliest ghost town. Both aspects will be highlighted in the T&T exhibit.
VIP VISIT -- One of the early visitors to the Reno-Lake Tahoe exhibit will be Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer. He will be in New York not only to visit the Fair but also to extol his state in connection with the 100th anniversary of its statehood.
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Cruise Ship

Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 25, January 29, 1964

Newsletter Header
Number 25 January 29, 1964
Artist's Conception
CRUISE SHIP LANDS IN T&T -- A gala cruise ship at its most colorful port of call...moored to a pier lined with treasure-filled stores...passengers relaxing on the breezy deck and crossing the gangplank to shop. This entire scene will be reproduced within the Transportation & Travel Pavilion by the building sponsors.
POINT OF SALE FOR CRUISE AND STEAMSHIP LINES -- For many of the 17 million visitors to the pavilion, the tour of the 99-foot section of a ship and the stores along the dock will spark the idea to cruise the Seven Seas. For cruise and shipping lines which want to translate this idea into action and sales, information and display offices will be available on board, each opening onto the deck. This space will be available at moderate cost for the two years of the fair -- completed and ready for occupancy.
RETAILERS' PARADISE -- Visitors who window shop along the pier will be looking for the value and the bargains for which foreign cruise lands are famous...and some of the nation's leading retailers will make certain that they find them. These shops represent an ideal location for sellers of cruise wear, luggage, native crafts, china, glass and other home furnishings. Several shops are still available.
MORE MAJOR NEWS COMING -- Announcements to be made by T&T within the next few weeks will highlight a new Travel Information Center and exhibits by the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and others. Topping off of the Pavilion will take place next week, and the entire building will be ready for occupancy by exhibitors by March 1.
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Travel Information Center

Source: T&T Pavilion Newsletter, No. 26, February 3, 1964

Newsletter Header
Number 26 February 3, 1964
HOTEL RESERVATION & TRAVEL INFORMATION CENTER -- "Where will we go on our next trip?" The 16 million visitors to the Transportation & Travel Pavilion will find countless answers to that question in the Hotel Reservation & Travel Information Center sponsored by the Hotel Sales Management Association. They will find these answers in the form of dazzling color transparencies, maps, brochures and direct telephone connections to some of the nation's most exciting vacation spots.
Artist's Conception
"ONE STOP SHOPPING" -- The bright, modern design of the Hotel Reservation & Travel Information Center will encourage visitors to browse among the varied and exciting exhibits. There they will get not only good ideas but also practical information about places to go, things to do, services to use and enjoy. In short, they will get a chance for one-stop shopping for tourist attractions, vacation communities, resorts, hotels, motor inns, local transportation services, credit services and more.
LEADERS IN HOSPITALITY -- The sponsor of the Center, the Hotel Sales Management Association, is made up of 2,000 hotel and motel sales executives representing the leading institutions in the U.S. and abroad. It is headed by Louis E. Rogers, of Miami's Fontainebleau.
INVITATION -- "The Hotel Reservation & Travel Information Center in the T&T Pavilion will be the most complete and exciting ever produced," Mr. Rogers says. "It will make it possible for millions of Americans and foreign visitors to have fun while selecting trips for the future. We invite all members of the travel industry to participate, and we know their modest investment will be repaid many times over."
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New York World's Fair 1964-1965

See Allied Van Lines Exhibit in the Transportation and Travel Pavilion.


Allied Postcard

Source: Postcard by Colourpicture Publishers, Inc., Boston 30, Mass. U.S.A.

Program Cover
World of Ancient Gold
Exhibited in the T&T Pavilion

Guidebook - World of Ancient Gold

Source: Presented courtesy Mike Kraus Collection


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