Source: 1964 & 1965 Official Guide New York World's Fair

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Be sure to visit the Travelers building with its distinctive Red Umbrella dome, at the Pool of Industry.

There you'll experience the colorful "Triumph of Man" in a wonderland of panoramic, you-are-there settings. You'll follow man's triumphant emergence from the dawn of time to the dawn of tomorrow.

You'll stand on the plains of primitive Africa ... walk the streets of ancient Rome. You'll see the plunder of

a walled city ... Columbus sailing to the New World ... the stark drama of a Civil War battlefield ... and many other stirring events.

No one -- adult or child -- should miss this uniquely exciting experience. Presented by the Travelers, its agents and brokers -- marking a century of protection and service.

You can get all types of insurance under the Travelers umbrella.


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