Source: Advertisement 1964 & 1965 Official Guide, 1964-1965 New York World's Fair

"Miracle in the Meadow"
Source: United States Steel Advertisement
There's a 12-story miracle in Flushing Meadow Park called Unisphere. It's the largest replica of the world ever built. And the symbol of the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair.

Before Unisphere was completed, it confronted U.S. Steel with unbelievable engineering and construction problems. Since it's an open sculpture, with virtually every part exposed, Unisphere had to be built to withstand the rain and ice. And the salt-laden gales that sweep across Long Island.

 But all these problems were solved. Without sacrificing beauty for strength, or strength for beauty. And defying predictions that Unisphere was "impossible," it was completed a full five months ahead of schedule. And when the last section of the stainless-steel globe was put into place, all the pieces fit perfectly. They had to. There wasn't a replacement part on earth, because nothing like Unisphere had ever been attempted before.

Unisphere towers 140 feet over a reflecting pool. Has 500 separate parts. Weighs 900 thousand pounds. And has a diameter of 120 feet.

 It will remain as a permanent reminder of man's aspirations for peace through understanding, and a symbol of his achievements in an expanding universe. Unisphere is truly the miracle in the meadow.


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