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Unisphere at Night

Emerging from a long winter's nap, the Unisphere -- greatest show of the world ever made by man -- thrills visitors to the New York World's Fair.

Glistening in the sunlight -- or bathed in moonlight -- it stands as the focal point of the Fair. The gigantic stainless steel replica of the Earth, built and presented by United States Steel, will be one of the very few edifices to remain standing long after the Fair has faded into memory.

Twenty-six million visitors to the New

York World's Fair saw Unisphere and as many more may be viewing it in 1965 before it continues as a permanent landmark at its Flushing Meadow site. The most talked-about, read-about, photographed globe ever made, this stainless steel structure -- 12 stores high, measuring 120 feet in diameter and weighing more than 700 thousand pounds -- will be a constant reminder as the years go by of the engineering, fabrication and construction skill of U. S. Steel's American Bridge Division.

Source: United States Steel 1964 Annual Report

Unisphere at Night

The vastness of the Pacific Ocean is evident on the "back side" of Unisphere
Source: Photograph &COP Copyright 2007, George Campbell - All Rights Reserved
Unisphere - Pacific Ocean

A beautiful clear day at the Fairgrounds. A view of Unisphere from the New York State Pavilion's Observaton Tower. Photo courtesty of Joan Lyon.
Source: Photograph &COP Copyright 2000, Alfred Gedney
Unisphere from NY State Towers


SOURCE: Commercial Transparency by Photo Lab, Inc., Washington, DC

Evening view of Unisphere


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